Wanted people

Unfortunately I lost contact with a lot of my friends from MapleStory from up to a decade ago and I haven’t had much luck searching for them…I’m looking to reconnect with the following people who used to play GMS Scania.

  • Berriix3
  • MissBabyYeon
  • Vacancy/NekoSqueak/ForeverDrift/PeachSwirl
  • LiLClueLess
  • Karimino
  • Harunii
  • Royier
  • Karurosos
  • artichokedan
  • Weiix3
  • Domestics
  • Shorty231
  • xlilAcex (something like that)
  • Marmies
  • UNCExJasmine
  • MattsBigDk
  • ptja
  • CookieCows
  • SupaNaruto
  • Ferya

I might be missing more but if anyone knows about their whereabouts, please do let me know! ;o;