Soldier Skills

The Soldier is the class that has been brought back from being lost in the past to the present time. Their history surrounds the Legendary Tribesmen who have once battled against the Dark Renegades. It is until the mysterious boy years ago who resurrected their occupation and it is up to the newer generation to hone their skills to the greater.

The soldier class uses boomerangs and throws them at a long distance, making them ranged attackers. However, the downside to them is that it takes some time to retrieve their boomerangs; which would make them a tad bit slow. Their main stat happens to be CON while their secondary is IMP.


First Job: Trainee

The user gives a powerful slice to the enemy with a scythe. Active Skill

Lets the user swing the flail with power. Active Skill

Boomerang Attack:
The character quickly throws the boomerang. Active Skill

Increases the accuracy and avoidabilty of the character. Passive Skill

Precise Distance:
Allows the boomerang/flail to be swung at a further distance. Active Skill

Sturdy Armor:
Gives a huge permanent boost to defense + magic defense. Passive Skill


Second Job: Soldier

Boomerang Mastery:
Increases the boomerang mastery and accuracy. Passive Skill

Boomerang Booster:
Doubles the attack speed of the boomerang. Must have a boomerang equipped. Active Skill

Silver Thrower:
The boomerang starts glowing in silver light and is thrown towards multiple enemies with power. Active Skill

Unbroken Swing:
Throw the boomerang with an all mighty force against a single monster. Active Skill

Tribal Spirit:
The soldier casts upon a buff which raises their attack and speed. Active Skill

Soldier’s Standing:
Every soldier must stand against all danger that comes before them, getting knocked back by enemy distance is reduced in half.

Spiral Jump:
The user jumps and twirls in the air. Active Skill


Third Job: Lieutenant

Totem Pole:
Summon a huge totem pole in front of you to raise your attack power. If the totem pole lands on a monster, it will instantly kill them. Active Skill

Raven Feathers:
Sharp raven feathers are fallen onto the ground wherever you throw your boomerang. Any monster that steps onto those areas will suffer damage. Active Skill

Golden Thrower:
The boomerang starts glowing in golden light and is thrown towards multiple enemies with more power. Active Skill

Magnet Boomerang:
The boomerang has a magical magnetic force field around it, allowing it to return to its owner quicker. The boomerang will also pick up items and mesos from the ground (Cannot pick up items dropped by others). Passive Skill

Snake’s Warning:
Summon a giant snake to aid you in combat. It will bite the enemy every now and then which may poison them.

Roar of the Bear:
Call upon a bear to inflict fear onto the enemies (lowering their avoidability).

Boomerang Blaster:
The boomerang is thrown towards the enemy and hits them 4 times.

Boomerang Twister: Your character will throw the boomerang, picking up surroundings within its tornado. Any monster that gets hit by the boomerang will have their accuracy lowered. Active Skill

Critical Boomerang:
Allows you to perform a critical attack with a certain success rate. Passive Skill.


Fourth Job: Command

Maple Warrior: Increase stats by a certain percentage for everyone in the party. Active Skill.

Hero’s Will: By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects. Active Skill.

Totem Smash:
A giant totem pole is summoned from mid air, damaging a monster or more. The totem pole is then settled down to protect party members around for a short amount of time before it disappears. Active Skill w/ cooldown.

Greatly increases CON and HP for a set duration. Active Skill.

Sharp Wolf Claws:
Wolf Claws are attached to the boomerang, allowing you to increase your critical rate and damage. Active Skill.

Radial Sun:
A large boomerang is thrown up above the character in the air, rotates in rapid motion forming a figure that looks like the sun, and its flames shoot out at a 360 degree angle. Active Skill w/ cooldown.

Boomerang Fury:
Throw the boomerang at a single enemy to do insanely rapid damage for a set amount of time before the boomerang returns to the owner. Active Skill.

Boomerang Expertise:
Increases Boomerang Mastery, CON, ATK, and Minimum Critical Damage. Passive Skill.

Spinning Blow:
The boomerang is thrown towards multiple enemies while doing multiple hits. Active Skill.

Summon the great serpant, IIIluyanka to aid you in your battles. Active Skill.


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