Reaper Skills

The history of the Grim Reapers (GR for abbreviation use) dates back during the time of the ending of Old Talelsia. They rose from the deceased villagers, their mysterious abilities were then refined over the years, and the reaper class was all set to be open to any newcomers.

The reaper class specializes in both combat and magic (Actual physical combat). With this in factor, the class has a unique setting of AP. This class requires CON (being the main stat) + INT (being the secondary).


First Job: Trainee

The user gives a powerful slice to the enemy with a scythe. Active Skill

Lets the user swing the flail with power. Active Skill

Boomerang Attack:
The character quickly throws the boomerang. Active Skill

Increases the accuracy and avoidabilty of the character. Passive Skill

Precise Distance:
Allows the boomerang/flail to be swung at a further distance. Active Skill

Sturdy Armor:
Gives a huge permanent boost to defense + magic defense. Passive Skill


Second Job: Shade

Scythe Mastery:
Increases the scythe mastery and accuracy. Passive Skill

Scythe Booster:
Doubles the attack speed of the scythe. Must have a scythe equipped. Active Skill

Double Slice:
Two quick and deadly cuts are given to a single monster from the scythe. Active Skill

Nocturnal Light:
Fire out blades of dark light towards multiple enemies in front of you. Active Skill

Phantom Movement:
Reapers in training must learn how to float in the air at some point of their lives(?). Active Skill

HP + MP Boost:
Permanently increases Max HP and MP. Passive Skill

Spiral Jump:
The user jumps and twirls in the air. Active Skill


 Third Job: Poltergeist

Quantum Death:
The user slashes at the foe with the scythe and then fires a dark ball of magical energy at them. Active Skill

Arcane Force:
Raises the attack force of the user being in midair. You must have Phantom Movement turned on for this to work. Passive Skill

Haunting Slash:
The user dashes forward, giving deathly damage to enemies with the scythe in hand in midair. You must have Phantom Movement turned on for this to work. Active Skill

Slice the enemy with the power of the dead fused into your scythe up to 3 times. Active Skill

Zig-zag Motion:
The user rushes forward swinging the scythe up and down, then claws with the scythe while moving backwards to monsters. Active Skill.

Ghost’s Repel:
Allows your party members to snap out of status inflictions. This only includes seduce, undead, zombify. Active Skill

Terrifying blindness:
Put fear into your enemies by lowering their magical accuracy. Active Skill

Dark Matter:
The poltergeist still haunts the world, CON and INT is increased permanently. Passive Skill


Fourth Job: Grim Reaper

Maple Warrior: Increase stats by a certain percentage for everyone in the party. Active Skill.

Hero’s Will: By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects. Active Skill.

If the user or any of their party members dies, their souls will be haunting the area where their deaths were. The user will revive in the same map with an intense vengeance, attacks will be increased by a large percentage. Active Skill w/ cooldown.

Bloody Severing:
The scythe is dipped in blood, which permantly increases Scythe Mastery and ATK. Passive Skill.

Fool’s Paradise:
Greatly increases CON and resistence for a set duration. Active Skill.

Crescent Moon:
A giant scythe is summoned on top of the character and forms into a crescent moon. It then launches itself towards the monsters in front of the character. Active Skill w/ cooldown

Dusky Peril:
Darkness comes from the ground and the user swings their scythes to fire dark magical energy towards multiple enemies. Active Skill.

Twirling Blade:
A single enemy is slashed multiple times from the scythe. Active Skill.

A large skeletal lizard is summoned. A portion of the enemy defense is ignored as long as this being is present. Active Skill.

Historical Destiny:
A large, blue circle shines its dark light onto the enemies; making them paralyzed for an amount of time. Active Skill.


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