Revamping some pages

For those who stalk check my WordPress, you might be wondering why my MapleStory characters went missing. Instead of spamming every single new class of characters that I make on the directory link list, I decided that I’ll create blogs for each class of characters under one page. That way, it’ll keep my organization layout… Continue reading Revamping some pages

WordPress update!

+ Editorials and Tutorials section + Updated equipment and damage range for my Marksman + New tutorial has been made: How to Create Sufficient and Effective Tutorials +Revamped ‘How to Draw Curly Hair’ tutorial How to draw Curly Hair

Woop woop! Go Noctivagant. <3

MapleStory related: Noctivagant has reached a booming number of members! We’ve recruited 80 people in 2 weeks just after the guild was created without any smegaing back on Friday. Wow, great job juniors (Lucas, Julian, Will..etc etc etc)! =D I’ve smega’d twice during the weekend and we’re up to 97 members. :D