MapleStory F.A.Q

Q: Do you play MapleStory?

A: No, I retired and I do not have any plans on re-downloading the game to do visits anymore. I do not find myself returning to the game again and investing it seriously like I have in the past anymore.

For me, the Unleashed update (which was out in the summer of 2013) ruined the game for me and up until now, there is literally nothing that captures my interest to stay and play. The game has lost its touch that drew me into playing for those 8 years and to me, everything is just repetitive and bland (unfortunately even the artwork heavily reflects this, every one has a bad case of same-face syndrome).

Additionally, a majority of my guildies and friends have quit all together at the same time so it’s no fun without them.

Q: Okay so you pretty much quit, what happened to the guides you made?

A: I deleted them because they are outdated and therefore, most likely to be useless with the game’s current update (whatever that is). There’s no point in having them around if I’m not going to update them.

Q: Why did you pick crossbows over bows?

A: When I started playing Maple there were barely any crossbow players around, especially for females and I want to stand out from the crowd in a way. I was inspired by a girl named Aelisk to choose the crossbowman path, I wanted to look like her as well.

Q: Did you know that Harini is an actual name?

A: Yup, a lot of people told me actually. When I was thinking up of a new name for my crossbow man, I used my first character’s name, “Harrine,” (she’s been deleted because her stats were messed up). I took off some letters and then created Harini on Scania.

Q: Are you Indian? Your Marksman’s name is Harini…

A: No, that’s just my IGN.

Q: When did you started playing Maple?

A: Somewhere in mid October (2005).

Q: What server did you play?

A: Scania.

Q: Was Scania the first server you started on?

A: Nope, Broa was actually my first one I started it. I moved to Scania because 2 of my friends from middle school invited me to play with them on that server; that’s why and how Harini was created.

Q: Can I have your stuff?

A: No.

Q: What’s better? BM or MM?

A: Watch a video of both classes, get experience from both of them in some way or make both a crossbowman and hunter as a starting point. I have both my own bow master and marksman and I have played a BM before (both BB and post BB) but I still choose MM > BM any day. This is a decision for you to decide.

Q: Did you know that there’s a prequel to MapleStory? It’s called MapleStory 2, would you play it?

A: Yes, I have known about it for a few years now. I would check it out when it’s localized but I do not see myself dedicating a heavy amount of time to it. I just don’t have the time to game in general these days.

Last updated: 3/2/2017