Executioner Skills

The Executioners were the prison guards of Old Talelsia’s castle and it was an under-construction class to be released to the Maple world. Unfortunately, the process was delayed due to the war with the Black Mage and all of the experts who were refining the class skills were killed. With that, the newer citizens of Talelsia were all set to start working on their skills from scratch. This time, it was sure that the remade skills surpassed the previous generation’s.

The executioner class use flails to swing and deliver devastating blows towards enemies; this makes them both close and long ranged. However, the downside to this class is that they are very slow while they’re charging up their attacks. The main stat is IMP.


First Job: Trainee

The user gives a powerful slice to the enemy with a scythe. Active Skill

Lets the user swing the flail with power. Active Skill

Boomerang Attack:
The character quickly throws the boomerang. Active Skill

Increases the accuracy and avoidabilty of the character. Passive Skill

Precise Distance:
Allows the boomerang/flail to be swung at a further distance. Active Skill

Sturdy Armor:
Gives a huge permanent boost to defense + magic defense. Passive Skill


Second Job: Watchman

Flail Mastery:
Increases the flail mastery and accuracy. Passive Skill

Flail Booster:
Doubles the attack speed of the flail. Must have a flail equipped. Active Skill

Iron Wielder:
The flail is swung 3 times around the user, dealing devastating blows on each hit up to 3 monsters on each side.

Heavy Duty:
The character is given slight resistance towards knock-backing attacks due to the heavy weight of the flail. However, the character’s movement is also restricted. Active Skill

The spikes on the flail sharpens, raising its attack. Active Skill

HP Boost:
Permanently increases Max HP. Passive Skill

Spiral Jump:
The user jumps and twirls in the air. Active Skill


Third Job: Guard

Metallic Roamer:
Swing the flail with additional momentum from Swing, dealing even more of a powerful blow towards a single enemy. Active Skill

Poison is set up on the spikes of the flail, swing your flail towards the enemies and they will be poisoned. Active Skill

A prison is set up around a group of monsters in front of you for an amount of time before the monsters break free. Active Skill

Iron Turn:
As the flail is spinning, the monsters that are around you receive additional damage with the change of getting stunned. Passive Skill

If the user spots a monster in front of them, their speed will increase as they walk towards them. However, if the user were to turn away from the monster they will not get the speed boost. Passive Skill

Close Eye:
If Prison has been set up, the flail is swung against the monsters inside with a tremendous force. However, after this move has been used the prison will break open. Active Skill

Charging Swing:
Swing your flail for power and fire its spirit towards multiple enemies in front of you. Active Skill

Critical Union:
Allows you to perform a critical attack with a certain success rate. Passive Skill.


Fourth Job: Executioner

Maple Warrior: Increase stats by a certain percentage for everyone in the party. Active Skill.

Hero’s Will: By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects. Active Skill.

When you receive damage from one or multiple monsters, they are bound to receive a death penalty from the executioner. There is a high percent that they will have instant death upon hurting you. Boss monsters will deal with an incredible amount of damage. Passive Skill.

Whirling Spikes:
The flail is spun at an intense amount of motion and force, dealing heavy critical damage to enemies. Active Skill

Accelerated Promotion:
The speed of the flail is supremely boosted. Active Skill

Morning Star:
Multiple flails are summoned in the air above the character, transformed into stars, and each fall down diagonally towards the enemies. Active Skill w/ cool down.

Thorn Prison:
An advanced prison filled with thorns all around is set up around a group of monsters in front of you for an amount of time before the monsters break free. Active Skill

Advanced Bodyguard:
No matter how far you are from a monster, your attack, defense, magic defense, and speed are automatically increased within the map. Passive Skill.

Dashing Pain:
Throw the flail towards multiple enemies. Active Skill.

Heavy Weaponry:
Increases Flail Mastery, IMP, and ATK. Also allows the user to stand on ground against enemies. Passive Skill.


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