Art Usage Policy

Last updated: 18/7/2016

You may post my artwork somewhere else on the web without asking me. But you must agree to my terms and conditions before doing so.

Terms & Conditions

  • My work is under the Creative Common License, my usage terms pretty much matches  up there unless otherwise specified.
  • You must agree to link back to me (see the below for specified format). If you are unable to link back to me or provide a URL, please do not use the work.
  • Although I do not really watermark my work anymore, please do not remove watermarking that has been done on past work (unless you give me a really good reason to but I doubt removing it will make it look better). I will start watermarking my work again if my work is consistently taken without credit again.
  • Do not post my artwork on a site individually. I don’t see the point of it if it is all posted on deviantART and/or my tumblr. Save yourself and the web hoster’s bandwidth.
  • Do NOT create bases/trace from my art, make your own.
  • Collaborations: PLEASE ask the other artist(s) if it’s okay with them to use our piece  we worked on together and what their rules are about their art usage. Personally I’m okay as long as credit is due to us, but if the other artist(s) says no, respect their wishes and do not use the work. It is your responsibility to contact them, not through me.** If they’re inactive and you have no way of contacting them, then please don’t use our work. **

When you’re giving me credit….

  • Please do not put “Drawing by Blazingrunaway,” use an actual URL or an embed link to any of my pages unless it is a specified account username on a website that I personally signed up on (which is completely fine).
    E.g. Basilmarket – Drawing by Blazi4ever
  • Although I do not really post on deviantART anymore, you are still more than welcome to link me back to my dA page.
  • For the pages you can link me back to, some of the common websites I use are:
    My pixiv:

    It does not matter which one you use as long as that account is not deleted (which I doubt would happen). The safest link would be my WordPress so you could go for linking me back here.