Art F.A.Q

Q: Do you take art requests / art trades / collaborations / commissions?

A: Check here.

Q: What programs do you use?

A: For about 9 years, I’ve been using the following programs: Adobe Photoshop CS3, Paint Tool SAI, and Adobe Illustrator CS5 are my main ones.

Buuut since my newer OS is no longer compatible with those programs (I lost them all anyway due to older laptops not working anymore) and I refuse to use Adobe’s ridciously overpriced subscription system…I use FireAlpaca as my go to CGing program. I mainly use Krita and GIMP for image touch ups (brightness/contrast + image resizing with percentage input and dodge/burn tools respectively).

Q: What tablet do you use?

A: Wacom Graphire 4 Tablet (6×8) – Usage times were from 2006-2016: It’s still in top notch condition despite the plenty of times I eat my food off of it (which I really shouldn’t have been doing). Unfortunately Wacom no longer updates its driver to be compatible with Windows 10 so that was a huge bummer.

Sooo Blazi was basically forced to purchase a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium for her current OS and so far, it’s alright. Just wished it included a mouse and the protective plastic case for the drawing surface. :’)

Q: What other mediums do you use?

A: A large variety, but these are the most common drawing tools I use…

  • 0.5 + 0.7 mm mechanical pencil
  • Plastic eraser
  • TOUCHFIVE Twin markers
  • Laurentien Pencil Crayons (DISCONTINUED)
  • Prisma Coloured Pencils
  • Sakura Microns
  • Dollarama Studio Fine liners
  • Paper mate Flair
  • Lyra Aqua Brush duo
  • Reeves Watercolour + Gouache
  • Club House Food colouring
  • Sakura Microns
  • Speedball Calligraphy ink + nibs

I love to experiment with different mediums so this is definitely not just what I use.

I also work with ceramics, acrylics, and a variety of materials but they are generally used for Fine Arts projects and assignments — not so much on the hobby side of things although I would love to incorporate them someday.

Q: How do you draw so good?

A: Practice and patience is key. Doing experiments is a huge asset to expanding your skills in art as you will be able to discover new paths to take.

Q: Can you teach me how to draw?

A: Start picking up a pencil and get going. You simply learn by doing, and you’ll learn the basic rules along the way.

Q: Can you teach me how to Photoshop stuff?

A: That’s…pretty hard to do. You have to teach yourself, I can’t exactly teach you unless I know you in real life of course.