Makeup problems: Neutral eye shadow

I feel like I’m the only one who struggles with putting on neutral eye shadow, and it’s the standard makeup look to have (I completely understand why we’re not allowed to have lots of bright colours/sparkly/dark eye shadow at your typical work settings).

Unpopular opinion

To be blunt, I hate brown eye shadow. Not only is it utterly boring (lack of room to be creative) but to me, it looks like I’m tanning a part of my eyelids. It looks great on other people but myself — all of these makeup tutorials/looks just happens to conveniently feature those who either have pale skin, double eyelids, and/or some other skin tone that allows significant contrast for any type of brown shade.

I can put on other eye shadow (bright colours are my favourite) just perfectly fine, but neutrals. There are way too many shades of brown that make little to no difference at all on my skin. What is the point of the ivory shades? They make no colour difference. Tanned browns? My eyes look like a tanned mess or I smeared poo on them. Browns that literally match the colour of my skin? I get that plays as the base, but it makes little to no difference in my shadow colouration, let alone it’s harder for me to blend other colours in so what is the point? I would already use primer that matches my skin tone for that? Cool browns just make my eyes look like I bruised them or I made myself look even more tired and unfortunately this is really the only tone that looks ‘best’ onme. And yes, of course I blend my shadows, but I simply just can’t get the colours to look appealing on me at all.

I use high end products (I currently own UD Naked2, KVD MetalMatte, and Nyx Love in Paris) and I honestly tried all that I can, from eye shadow primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion) to MAC Fix+ (to boost up the colours). I have a low brow bone, hooded monolids with a warm beige/golden skin tone (it’s so hard to accurately describe skin tones because most of these image descriptions end up being too pale or orange argh), and dark brown eyes (I already have enough natural brown on me, minus my hair because it’s naturally black, dyed dark caramel brown; I don’t need more brown) — there is honestly not a lot room for me to work with to make my eye shadow make enough impact on my eyes and look good at the same time. This leads my wonder of what’s the point of putting on neutral eye shadow on myself anyway? I might as well just stick with eyeliner, but I want to wear eye shadow to reduce the chances of being mistaken as a high school student.

I’m definitely doing something wrong here, but I’ve no idea. ~_~


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