MapleStory Symphony in Budapest: My thoughts

Nexon Korea recently released an orchestrated album (MapleStory Symphony) depicting 11 songs of the official MapleStory OST. You can listen to all of the songs on their official channel here. Here are a few songs that I personally like:

…and unfortunately these are the only soundtracks that I like, and matter to me. Although the orchestra group that was hired for playing this is great, I feel like Nexon Korea should have chosen a better selection of songs. Call me a salty old fart but only 5/11 of the songs are actually memorable (the classic track mainly), and a majority of the songs focus too much on over hyped NPCs  (The 6 MapleStory heroes for example) rather than revolving around the spirit of MMORPGs (the players) and the classics, which is honestly not surprising considering that’s what everyone raves about these days sadly enough IMO.

Here’s a selection of songs Nexon Korea should have chosen from what I think should have taken in place of those 6 other songs instead, without deviating too much from the newer soundtracks but with more emphasis on the classics:

I chose these songs because they have the best potential to have an orchestrated elements to them, even though I don’t have a background in music. On top of that they’re much more memorable compared to weird songs like The Tune of the Azure Light, like I never even heard of that before? Dancing with the Moon’s tune isn’t that great either. Too much emphasis on Cygnus Knights songs.

Overall thoughts: Mediocre. It’s a crappy song selection, it’s not diverse. But a good orchestra group that performed well.


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