Why I ship HauxLillie and GladionxMoon…and other ships

I’ve been obsessed with shipping these guys together (if you haven’t noticed but I’ve been doodling and drawing these guys nonstop) since Pokemon Sun and Moon came out and holy crap, I haven’t shipped characters this seriously since 5th generation (Dualrivalshipping, Ferriswheelshipping, Sequelshipping). I mean XY was good and all, but I personally found the cast to lack anything shipworthy so I don’t ship anyone during 6th generation. Maybe at most would be Calem and Serena but even their interactions were lacking.

So when 7th generation was introduced along with all of the trailers and before the games were officially released, I shipped these guys correspondingly because I thought they visually look cute together…and it turned out to be a good thing since it grew more onto me as the game progressed. *o* Of course there were other ships I discovered as I was playing too (the canon couples, GuzmaxPlumeria, and MolaynexOlivia). You may or may not agree on the shipping evidence or my thoughts about them, but I wanted to get it out there lol. So it’s obvious the post will contain spoilers and some of my bias~

Also all of the drawings (obviously not the official art which you can already tell) are done by me (advantages of using your own artwork to portray your ideas DOHOHO).


I love these two together, they deserve more love. Lots of people are be shipping HauxGladion or Sun/MoonxLillie together, but I personally don’t see them in a romantic light and more so on a friendship/BFF level. I ship these two together because of their high compatibility, with each other; they get along very well just as is, enjoying each other’s company. Lillie did whatever she can to protect Hau at the Aether house even though she wasn’t a Pokemon Trainer. Hau really respected that and he felt guilty for not being able to protect her, thinking he’s weak. He was afraid of getting in Gladion and Sun/Moon’s way because once again, he questions about himself being weak. This was the only time in the game where he isn’t smiling or feeling happy (asides from the ending which I will include later). Hau ends up coming along to help in whatever way he can despite doubting himself earlier, and his focus was Lillie entirely — he wants everyone to smile again (MC obviously doesn’t count because they always have their blank smile of death on their face save for like two times in the game), and Lillie hasn’t been happy since her encounters with Team Skull and being kidnapped by Plumeria. I don’t recall him wanting to stop the beasts or Lusamine, but rather wants to rescue Lillie first, which was the very first thing he does (checking up on her) when he sees her in Lusamine’s private room.

And of course Hau compliments Lillie’s new outfit saying she looks fantastic which is stronger than “You look great!” from the MC, and he says it with a lot of enthusiasm (to the point where Gladion goes protective brother mode LOL). This made Lillie happy to hear. Although Lillie and Hau don’t interact too much after this point, it makes sense since Hau puts his trials on hold to train with Hala and obviously because the MC has the most interactions with everyone. Lillie still thinks about Hau during her adventure with the MC occasionally but once again, it makes sense that it wasn’t too much since her primary focus was saving Nebby and her mother, and wanting to be strong like Sun/Moon.

The ending is really obvious — Hau calls Lillie’s departure from Alola a disaster, and this is the second time during the entire game where he’s unhappy. Lillie gives something to Hau, but the game doesn’t specify what it is and that object may very well carry a lot of meaning to the both of them. In the game, Hau tells Lillie that he didn’t get to say all of the things he wanted to say, will write a long letter for her and that she’d better wait for him, which she promises to. Of course he doesn’t wave good bye and smile at Lillie while she departs from the harbor because he is too sad to do so, and probably doesn’t want her to see him looking sad/feel guilty for leaving. Professor Kukui understands  this and says that  “when you’re saying good-bye to someone you love, you gotta show them one last smile, yeah!” which Hau comes to replying, “Y-yeah…” and seeks his grandfather for more comfort. Lillie would be the second person important to Hau who left him (his father being the first) from Alola.

For the post-game, Hau asks how far Kanto is (which is where Lillie is currently in) but regardless of how far it is, he still wants to find the people important to him. Hau states that he’s going to get stronger so he can travel around the world and find Lillie (states her first) and his father. And hey, since Lillie wants to travel around Kanto, I don’t see how the possibility of Hau traveling with her isn’t possible too! Lillie’s basically the main motivator for Hau to get stronger, and he does whatever he can to make her happy.

On the contrary: I know that it might be a one-sided crush, but there does not seem to be any indication that Lillie rejects Hau, at least from the looks of it. BUT THAT DOESN’T STOP ME FROM SHIPPING THEM TOGETHER.

Side notes: Hau would definitely do whatever he can to make Lillie happy and doesn’t ever want her to be sad, and I strongly believe the vice-versa for Lillie as well. I definitely love these two as a complementary shipping to GladionxMoon, just like Dualrivalshipping (CherenxBianca) to Ferriswheelshipping (NxTouko).

GladionxMoon (Mahinashipping/Lonashipping)

Oh boy, get ready for a large text wall because I’ve been raving over these two. 8D I’m going to focus on Moon specifically because that’s what I like about this ship, I just simply don’t like GladionxSun (might sound biased because I’m straight and most of my OTPs are straight couples, don’t get me wrong on that one). I specifically use the default character Moon because it makes much more sense, traditionally,  and it is a character separately from the player (altered looks to Moon also applies to this, I don’t have anything against customization just so you know!).

I don’t know where to start LMAO. Before the game release, I thought these two look cute together and their visual designs complement each other very well — Moon is very colourful and bright, with her hair and eyes being the only dark attributes (assuming we are going by her default looks) while Gladion’s attire is dark, save for his hair and eyes. I remember reading someone’s tumblr post comparing their complexions being similar to Marinette and Adrien from Miraculous Ladybug, which is very true. I’m guilty for the whole opposites attract thing lol. The visual aspect is the main basis for me for these two, I’ll admit that.

Game wise…Gladion was alone during the entire time and for the past 2 years, which means no companionship with anyone for him other than Null (even though that developed slowly since Type: Null was cynical towards him initially). He really only started to stop feeling lonely until his encounters with Hau and Moon, who were the really only people he could get along with on a neutral level. Although Moon got the impression that Team Skull was intended to be a group of people starting trouble with others and stealing Pokemon, Gladion isn’t that way (only doing small jobs for Team Skull). He only picked a fight with Moon to see how strong she is for his own interest rather than for defending/getting revenge for Team Skull (which is generally expected if you’re enemies). He didn’t seem to be hostile or repulsive whenever they bump into each other either, such as in Battle Royal where he doesn’t go “great it’s her again, I better beat her up as my revenge from earlier!/do it for Team Skull’s pride!”and he ends up being dragged into a 4 way match by Kukui (LOL) and when she walks into his hotel room, only simply telling her to get out (amazing lines really LOL).

Of course later on in the game when Lillie gets kidnapped, he turns to Moon for her help first because she’s really the only person he can rely on. He does state that even though they (Hau and Moon) aren’t friends, he’s glad she’s here with him (along so reinstating how Hau said people can achieve more if they work together, Moon playing a huge role in that). He smirks for the first time in the game with his back against Moon, but doesn’t show this side of him quite yet to her at Malie City’s port. He also watches Moon’s battle against Nanu and patiently waits for them to finish (although Nanu’s Z-move doesn’t seem to impress Gladion positively LOL).

He also prevents Moon from entering Secret Lab A because he doesn’t want her to find out about Type: Null’s background (which is pretty cruel since it was treated as an experiment rather than a Pokemon) and feel horrified by it like when he found out about Null (being considerate of their feelings). [Yes I know this part is a bit contradictory because you enter it later in the game anyway] When Gladion loses to Guzma, he felt discouraged but ultimately Moon was able to defend him. Moon pursues into the mansion first with Gladion reassuring her he’ll be right behind her if things were to go bad. In the preservation room, he tells Moon to stop Lusamine because he knows she’s strong and is confident in her abilities.

Gladion gives a Master Ball to Moon (!), which is known to be the rarest Poke ball around. That’s a really meaningful gift if anything. *o* Although Moon could have went to the ferry port to get to Poni Island from Ula’ula Island, Gladion does this personally for her (and Lillie) instead.

Aaand finally at Mount Lanakila, he battles Moon before she heads off to the Pokemon League, to give his gratitude for everything she has done for his family and himself by giving her all of the strength he’s got (his best efforts goes to her basically). Afterwards, he finally shows a genuine smile to Moon, which is something no one else has seen except to her after years being alone (likely stopped smiling since he was a young child when Mohn disappeared and Lusamine started to go insane). He encourages Moon to keep winning so they may see each other again. Although Gladion doesn’t say anything during the Champion ceremony/shows up directly, he still hides behind a tree watching everyone and looking at how happy Lillie is thanks to Moon.

For the post-game he shows his gratitude to Moon once again (this is his first time thanking her twice), and tells her more about his past and how he felt (which was something that was never done in the entire game nor fully explained to the people he knew). Sharing personal things with someone shows that you trust and feel reassurance with them, which he does in this case. He further relays his trust in Moon by giving her Type: Null, another precious gift that he hopes she may also feel the same bond that he and Sivally shares. He wants to see more of the world himself by first battling the Champion, whom he indirectly compliments them. I also see him challenging the Champion as his continuous gratitude towards her because during Champion battles, you’re supposed to go all out in battle (a high sign of respect). He says that he wants the strongest rival (Moon) for himself to be successful as a Pokemon Trainer. Although he loses, he’s still happy to have a Champion (the highest trainer ranking) aka Moon to help him become stronger.

Yep…that’s basically why I further support these two beyond their complementary visuals.

On the contrary: He states that he and Moon aren’t friends but come on, everyone pretty much considers Gladion a friend after all the things they’ve been through. IOFSJIOEFSIOFES. Again, it doesn’t seem like Gladion rejects Moon but wants to get closer to her. I STILL SHIP THESE TWO REGARDLESS.

Side notes: The two have great compatibility with each other, I know the personality of Moon depends upon the player but she already gets along with Gladion by already giving him the companionship he was lacking for so long. He definitely puts a lot of trust in her, he is patient with her (he gives her multiple opportunities to prepare to do stuff, meaning he places her well-being over his desires first), and she is his way of becoming stronger. Trust is super important in relationships, there is no doubt about that and the two would definitely accept/protect each other. Overall Moon gives Gladion the most happiness (other than his Pokemon). I also find fan art of his interactions towards Moon being easily flustered to be super cute because his personality would totally act that way FOISJEIOFSEIOSEIOF.

Once again, I love the opposites attract thing — the rebellious, edgy boy who’s rough on the outside with the cheerful happy girl whom he totally has a soft spot for. I see some people in the fandom dubbing these two as a Soulsilvershipping counterpart, which I can definitely see. For me, it’s a mix of Soulsilvershipping and Ferriswheelshipping.

I only wish there was as much interaction for these two compared to Ferriswheelshipping (NxHilda)…I’ll definitely add in more notes if I can think of any later on.

And off topic: Mahinashipping vs Lonashipping naming

I’m not sure why people have started to diverge the shipping names (Mahinashipping vs Lonashipping) in the fandom and keep saying “____ is the official shipping name because this blog says so!” even though there are multiple unofficial blogs out there that dedicate themselves to shipping names…

I looked at what ‘lona’ means and according to Wikipedia…”In Hawaiian mythology, Lona is a female lunar deity who fell in love with and married a mortal, ʻAikanaka. They lived happily together until ʻAikanaka died of old age.”

I guess it somewhat makes sense if we’re referring Moon as a goddess metaphorically but technically she isn’t. It’s sad to even think that she lives an eternity without him (which I assume the fandom is referring Gladion as Aikanaka) in her life because she’s a goddess and he’s a mortal…I don’t see Gladion as a ‘man eater’ (apparently that’s what Aikanaka means) since he doesn’t prey on others (that’s what Guzma does) nor is he a chief (the ruler of a tribe, Gladion is an enforcer who helps keep things in check with force which is completely different from what a chief).

As for Mahinashipping, I much rather prefer this name over Lonashipping. Sources are a bit scattered as I was looking up the word ‘mahina,’ because Wikipedia apparently says Mahina is another name for Lona, but that it also means the moon in Hawaiian. Other sources (notably the Hawaiian dictionaries) say ‘mahina’ means ‘moon, month, moonlight‘ which is what I heard first when I started to ship these two and think this name suits GladionxMoon. If we think about Gladion’s personality, he definitely isn’t the chipper and happy-go-lucky type of person like Hau (who would represent sunshine since he’s full of energy) but rather he is calm, mysterious and operates in the darkness — which is the night. Moon obviously represents the moon, and she acts as his guiding light since he is the night. You can also say that their relationship in the game develops just like the phases of the moon, going from the new moon (their bond is initially empty) to a full moon (their bond has been established fully). And shh let’s pretend the cycle ends at the full moon. ;) Therefore, this makes much more sense to me than Lonashipping IMO.

Why not ship Sun/Moon with Lillie? They were together way more than the other characters!

It’s true, Lillie has more interaction with Sun/Moon but if I want to be technical, that’s because it’s the main character, of course they’re going to have more interactions than everyone else (yes I know that might be very contradicting to Gladion and Moon)! I simply don’t see them as potential romantic partners because during the entire adventure, Lillie constantly thinks about saving Nebby and her mother. She sees Sun/Moon as her inspiration to grow as a person and to become a Pokemon Trainer because they helped her so many times and she wants to be able to protect her friends better rather than relying on them all the time. Gladion does note that he’s never seen her this happy before or being able to smile like this, but remember all of the friends and people she’s met along the way who helped her throughout her journey and boosted her self-esteem greatly, it wasn’t just Sun/Moon who did this for her.

I get that during the fireworks scene Lillie was about to say something to Sun/Moon (giving off a confession-like scenario), but that definitely wasn’t it. There are lots of times on when you want to say something important to someone in private and you can be hesitant about it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’d be romantic. The important thing that she wanted to say to Sun/Moon is that she’s leaving for Kanto to find a cure for her mother and become a Pokemon Trainer. She stopped herself from saying this because the fireworks reminded her that they’re still celebrating Sun/Moon becoming the first Alola Champion after completing all of their Grand Trials, and she probably forgot about that (remember the two snuck away from the festival to go visit Tapu Koko). On top of that, she didn’t want to make him/her (or anyone else that was present) sad during a celebration so she wanted to wait until the next day. She was really only being considerate the entire time if anything. People can obviously still ship them but overall, I only see them as BFFs.

GuzmaxPlumeria (Unknown shipping name, I’ve no ideas tbh)

(Directly copied and pasted from my tumblr post)

Okay everyone’s shipping Guzma and Lusamine together for some apparent reason but that’s a total NOTP to me tbh. Lusamine is already married to Mohn (clearly she still loves her husband) and is almost twice Guzma’s age and I honestly see no romantic crush from Guzma to Lusamine (if anything, it’s platonic liking since his own parents sees him as a failure and Lusamine manipulates him by seeing him as “strong”). If there’s anyone who I ship Guzma with, it’d be Plumeria simply because she’d already have given genuine support for him (I only wish there was more interaction between the two in the games). Plumeria already supported Guzma ever since the formation of Team Skull, and Guzma just didn’t acknowledge this properly — maybe someday he’ll show his gratitude towards her.

In my headcanon if these two were to become a couple, Team Skull would ship these two so hard (including myself). ;D


Yes, there is no interaction between the two sadly…but in my headcanons, it makes a lot of sense to me and I started shipping them after writing my blurb for Olivia post-game 10 years later LOL. I think they look cute together at least…the unobtainable/out-of-your-league and the seemingly low-confidence nerd types, I think it’s a perfect match. :’D

I’ll definitely doodle these two someday to try and spread the ship OHOHO.


Using my drawing of these two since Mohn doesn’t have official art sadly. Q_Q

It’s obvious that they’re canon, though I don’t get why people are theorising that Mohn ran away from Lusamine and abandoned his children which he obviously didn’t. He’s definitely not the type of person who would do that since he never left Poke Pelago because he wants to take care of the Pokemon there. If people were actually paying attention to the game, he disappeared during an experiment trying to connect to an Ultra Wormhole. There would obviously be people around who would have witnessed his disappearance and he lost his memories (knowing that he has a family including everything up to his disappearance or even knowing there are other human settlements nearby aka Alola region) with in a similar fashion to Anabel when she traveled through an Ultra Wormhole, so he’s a Faller (Nihilego can possess people, and it’s likely that it simply messed around with his memories only leaving him the knowledge of Pokemon and his name). If he ‘ran away,’ there would have been people in Alola who would have spotted him, there is no doubt about that — let alone there would be Pokemon that can track him down with no problem, but that does not extend to Ultra Space since regular Pokemon can’t just go there.

And most importantly, Lusamine started going crazy exposed to Nihilego’s neurotoxins after he disappeared, not before (Lillie even stated she was once a kind, caring person too). But anyway…

I really love these two. It’s honestly clear how much Lusamine loves her husband and did whatever she can to find him again. Though I’m not sure if she was conscious enough to know what she has been doing because of the neurotoxins, she believed Mohn is still residing in Ultra Space somewhere. She thinks the Ultra Space is paradise because he is in it. The real world is meaningless to her because he isn’t in it. It is too bad that she lost her sanity and thus lost her goal of finding her husband. I guess you can also say Lusamine tried to make her children act and dress similar to the Ultrabeasts (like herself to Pheromosa) and pretend she’s in Ultra Space with Mohn in it since she hasn’t had any success connecting to one at the time as well. She’s obsessed with Ultra Beasts because they are her only closest connection to Mohn (the last thing Mohn left behind is his research, Cosmog, and for the fact he disappeared to their realm)…even though Gladion and Lillie are the real connections (both of them are a part of Mohn).

Overall their relationship is a tragic one, and I really hope they will find each other again in the future. ;o; In my headcanon, I had them meeting each other again but Mohn can’t remember anyone at all…though he ends up falling in love with Lusamine all over again which is bittersweet in a way. :’) (I gotta make a drawing of this because these two aren’t getting enough love)


(Okay I totally jacked this screenshot off of someone’s tumblr because I’m too lazy to upload mine from the phone and there’s no clean official artwork rip SHHH)

I don’t get all the hate towards Burnet from the fans for silly reasons such as getting in the way between them in Kukui or their other ships…it was obvious from the beginning that he has a ring on his finger meaning he’s married so that’s honestly not surprising. My surprise is that Professor Burnet from the 5th generation games is his wife! I actually didn’t know she even existed until Sun and Moon came out. I really like her character though. *__*

These two are too cute for words, obviously seen from their dialogue and interactions from the game, enough said. I love the face Burnet makes when she thinks about The Masked Royal because he’s obviously her husband who wears a silly disguise and she knows his identity lmao.

My silly headcanon for these two is that they’re totally in an S&M marriage (Professor Kukui takes hits from Pokemon moves to find out how strong they are…I was all like he’s definitely a masochist LOL). And right when Burnet was introduced to the player, I was immediately like “Ooh she’s definitely the S.”


I wasted my entire day writing this post instead of doing my homework like I was supposed to OOPS. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed reading my useless blog post HAHA.


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