Pokemon Sun & Moon Postgame HCs

Okay I haven’t even beaten the game yet even though I technically know what happens later (yes I know I’m so bad for spoiling myself ;o;). I’m going to write about my headcanons about what happens in Pokemon Sun & Moon, up to 10 years into the future, some of it will be copy and pasted from one of my concept art for the main group of characters.


  • Neither Gladion or Lillie is the Aether President! I see a lot of other people depicting (often Gladion) as the president of the Aether Foundation…but I see neither of them taking on that role. I see them as Pokemon trainers and if anything, they probably trust Wicke to run as president or the siblings co-run the foundation instead (if Lusamine decides to retire early; I’m leaning towards Wicke).
  • Lusamine finally reunites with her husband a few years after she recovers from her neurotoxins from Nihilego with the help of Sun/Moon, whom leads Mohn’s location to her. Sun/Moon does not reveal that Mohn is on Poke Pelago to Lusamine and her children right away after everything that happened in Alola, believing it would be too overwhelming for all of them to take in right away.Sun/Moon explains the entire situation to Mohn (after getting all of the information about Professor Mohn’s background from a variety of characters) and theorising that he is a Faller (after their quests with Anabel and Looker). Unfortunately, none of the information seems to trigger his memory back before he arrived to Poke Pelago. Lusamine is deeply saddened that Mohn does not remember her or their family, but after hearing that Poke Pelago is an island paradise for Pokemon, she tells him that she is the president of the Aether Foundation and how it too, also serves to care for Pokemon (which was what both of them did prior to his disappearance). After showing their mutual love for Pokemon (once again genuinely from Lusamine), Mohn nevertheless falls in love with Lusamine once again. Lusamine decides to take her time off as the Aether President and leaves Wicke to be in charge in order to spend more time with her long lost husband, catching up on the lost time after years of his disappearance.

    And eventually Gladion and Lillie were also finally able to reunite with Mohn — despite knowing that their father has forgotten about them, Mohn still treats and loves them like his own children, which was enough for the siblings to be happy.

  • Gladion is out of his chuunibyou phase but he still tries to act cool (he still wears his ear cuffs btw). He likes to challenge trainers in Victory Road as a final test before going off to the Pokemon League, operating as his own “Elite Four.” He still has friendly matches with Sun/Moon and Hau. Unfortunately he can’t seem to get his clothes to stop ripping (by accident, and this would not be from his Pokemon!)…but he at least improved on his sewing skills.
  • Lillie travels around the regions here and then, and she is much more confident with herself. She gives advice and helps new Pokemon Trainers, inspired by how much help she received from others years ago. She loves to buy new outfits and show how she looks in them to her mother.
  • Hau is obviously the Kahuna of Melemele Island. After finding his father and Lillie from the other Pokemon regions, he decided that he was strong enough to challenge Tapu Koko and it finally accepted him as Hala’s successor (a few years after Hala became an Elite Four member). His malasada love never died down, and even offers them to his trial goers…as long as he hasn’t eaten them yet.
  • Our protagonist(s) is still the Alola Champion even after a decade because they are completely OP, their Pokemon are maxed out in all IVs and all at level 100, probably a team full of shinies too, and has an endless amount of healing items that it’s practically impossible to defeat them.

  • Despite being the Champion though, Sun/Moon do go out sometimes to see their friends and give out handy items to trial goers but on a restricted amount of time. They have been busy being at the Pokemon League with the increasing number of Alola League challengers, making it difficult for them to spend time with friends and family.
  • Sun/Moon’s father finally moves to the Alola region to live with the protagonist’s mom, after a long world trip.
  • Hala retires from old age from the Elite Four, but with Hau’s father returning to the Alola region and the Pokemon League needing someone as a replacement for Hala, Hau’s father becomes a substitute until the group finds someone of capable skill. Kahili, Acerola, Olivia are still part of the Elite Four.
  • Olivia is finally not single and is currently dating someone (ohemgee). Who could it be? Rumors are saying it’s Molayne, who is seen to be super shy around her and thinks she’s way out of his league (Get it? Because she’s a part of the Elite Four? LOL). Once again, Olivia states that she’s just an average woman and she enjoys Molayne’s company, even though he tends to be super geeky about the PC system. She does reveal to him that she’s a huge closet fan of shoujo manga that it moves her to tears, which makes him feel more comfortable around her. However, she does scold him for being a workaholic and not getting enough sleep though…guess that’s just her part as a caring partner. Whenever the Alola League is not getting enough challengers, she often tries to sneak out to have a date with Molayne but always ends up being caught by Acerola, much to her dismay.
  • She and Molayne try to hide their relationship but their actions are way too obvious to their acquaintances, much to their embarassment. However, they are met with positive support from their friends regardless.
  • Molayne often comes back to challenge the Alola League and it should be noted that he always loses on purpose to Olivia as the remaining Elite Four member and stops trying to challenge the Champion, despite his Steel type advantage to her Rock type team — all of this is done just to see Olivia. He strategises with his Pokemon to lose on purpose and to pretend to faint from the match, and luckily his Pokemon is very supportive and understanding of his relationship with Olivia. It said this is how the two of them started their relationship together. And to top it off 10 years after the events of Sun and Moon, Molayne finally defeats Olivia for real after for so long but right after their battle, he proposes to her and she accepts (omg).[Okay I admit, I never shipped Olivia with anyone until I started writing the above two points just to finally get this lady a man and now I ship these two hard core LOL I’M TRASH I’M SO SORRY OTL]
  • Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet has a son! A natural born genius at a young age, he easily became a Trial Captain (for what Island, I’m not sure but likely chosen by Sophocles because of his high intellect with equipment) with Steel types as his specialty (he takes a liking to Molayne, calling him ‘Uncle’ since Kukui calls his friends cousins). Unfortunately, he often exclaims to others that his dad is The Masked Royal despite him (Kukui) still denying it. Professor Burnet dotes on her son and often talks (brags) about how adorable he is to her coworkers.
  • Nanu retires from being a Kahuna since he just wants to live out the rest of his life with raising Meowths, and finds that it’s still too much work for him.
  • Hala decides to give Guzma another chance for being his apprentice after seeing Guzma showing how much he changed, and asks Hala directly on how he can rebuild Team Skull into a group with better goals and resolutions. With guidance from Nanu, both him and Hala chooses Guzma to be the Island Kahuna of Ula’ula Island.
  • Following Olivia’s move to becoming a part of the Elite Four, Mallow is chosen by her to become the Kahuna of Akala Island.
  • Mina retires from being a Trial Captain despite her short assignment and disappears without saying a word (again). She becomes a traveling region artist since she found the Alola region wasn’t enough and even has her own exhibition at the Lilycove Museum. No one knows who’s going to replace her position as Trial Captain of Poni Island…
  • Kiawe and Lana retire from Trial Captain, but pass their positions to their younger siblings (I don’t know the name of Kiawe’s sister LOL, Harper and Sarah become the first Trial Captain team to engage trial goers in double battles). Ilima and Sophocles also retire, but Ilima becomes a teacher and Sophocles goes on to becoming a Pokemon Technician at the Hokulani Observatory working alongside his cousin. Trial Captain positions currently unknown.
  • Team Skull has taken a new light and decides to help Pokemon Trainers to become stronger as they go through their trial challenges, no matter what skill level they have and coach them through it. They renovated Po Town into a once again lively town as a training hub for Pokemon Trainers (as a trial break basically) and renamed it to Skull Town. Their town is also the place where the Island Kahuna can be challenged (within the renovated mansion). Although Team Skull was disbanded, they renamed themselves as Club CuBonez and asked Guzma to become their leader once again. Initially Guzma rejected, but Plumeria managed to convince him otherwise while he can still be a Pokemon Trainer.
  • Guzma takes on a new title as CuBonez Prez Guzma, while Plumeria takes her new title as Vice-Prez Plumeria. Since Guzma is the Island Kahuna who states his pride in raising Bug type Pokemon, he rewards his trial goers with the Buginium. Plumeria helps Guzma run the reformed Team Skull whenever he is busy with Kahuna duties.
  • Guzma’s parents finally state their pride in their son and how much he has grown to a kinder, respecting young man.

AS FOR MY SHIPPING HEADCANONS…(GladionxMoon, HauxLillie, and GuzmaxPlumeria)


  • Gladion slowly starts to develop a crush on Moon after she becomes the Alola Champion and tries in every possible way to impress her, but she remains oblivious (and to his feelings initially). He takes on the Pokemon League challenge as often as he can just to see her, even over the years. He still retains his feelings to her as the both of them got older (admitting to himself that she’s gotten more beautiful than ever, reflecting upon his father’s habit constantly calling his mother ‘beautiful’), but unfortunately his visits to the Champion has been decreasing in frequency (due to adult life being busy and all). Moon starts to feel lonely and only realises that she doesn’t feel that way whenever Gladion challenges her. Eventually she comes to realise that she likes Gladion but has zero clue on admitting her feelings to him.
  • Unfortunately her friends (Hau and Lillie) are still out traveling the world together so she cannot come to them for advice…so she does whatever she can to contact Gladion (although unsuccessful at first). Eventually Moon was able to get a hold of Gladion through Wicke’s help and expressed her desire to see him, much to his surprise. Unsure of what to do at this rare moment, Gladion asks her to come to Route 8 (a well known popular date spot for couples) which she did. At first Moon and Gladion felt awkward and were not sure on what to say, but Gladion finally confesses his feelings for her ever since they were both children. He explained to her that he admired her strength, he loved her smile and strong will, how much support she has given to him, and on top of that, she filled his loneliness. Shocked and happy, Moon admits how lonely she always felt at the Pokemon League ever since his visits became infrequent, and states she is empty without him. Eventually, she too, admitted her feelings for Gladion and without a doubt, he is happy to have his feelings finally reciprocated.
  • Although Moon is busy being the Alola Champion but still wants to be near Gladion, Gladion decides that he will become a part of the Elite Four — his own Elite Four, acting as a final test for Victory Road trainers to go through before they challenge the Alola League. He may not be able to be beside Moon all the time, but he will always be nearby for her.

Bonus alternative similar situation but with the same ending:

  • Moon develops a crush on Gladion sometime before she battles Nanu. Unfortunately she is rejected after Gladion states that he knows they aren’t friends, which made her quite upset that he didn’t think of them as friends after what they’ve been through. The second time he says this, she gets angry at him for saying that as a reminder and storms off to the Pokemon League. [Could explain why he was hiding behind a tree during the Champion celebration in Iki town since he felt too awkward to approach her]
  • Moon consults with Lillie about her crush on her brother, and she provides as much advice as she can to her such as telling her to be more patient, as Gladion is the type to be wary of others. Lillie was also asked by Gladion on why Moon is so mad at him, and although she explains the situation to him, she still kept Moon’s crush on him a secret. Before Lillie leaves for Kanto, she provides encouragement to Moon and hopes that the both of them work out.
  • Moon receives a letter from Gladion, telling her to meet him at Aether Paradise which she did. Gladion apologises for making her upset and makes it up to her by giving her Type: Null because he trusts her, giving a clear indication that he finally accepted her as a friend. Moon is happier to hear that they are officially friends, but she still remains hopeless on her crush on him.
  • [A similar situation happens like the above] Moon would used to drop by often to visit Gladion and plan hang outs with him and Hau. Unfortunately this started to become infrequent after Hau left for Kanto to find Lillie a year later after she became the Champion, including the rising number of Alola League challengers over the years. Gladion realises that he is alone again, and that he especially misses seeing Moon. To see her as often as possible, he would constantly try and challenge the Pokemon League even though he is defeated every time. Moon catches onto this after he loses to her in the Champion room and asked him why he still hasn’t started traveling the world, remembering his words back on Aether Paradise a year ago. Gladion says that he still wants to travel around the world, only after having one last match with her, but not before he is able to confess his feelings towards Moon, greatly shocking her whom was unable to say anything.
  • Shortly afterwards Gladion disappeared out of her sight and left Alola, feeling awkward about his confession and is still unaware about Moon’s feelings towards him. He left a letter to Wicke saying that he is unsure on when he will come back, but he wants to better himself as a person for Moon by seeing more of the world for himself. Moon learns of this from Wicke’s message to her, which both made her happy and angry that he left without giving her a chance to reply.
  • A few years later after Hau and Lillie returns from their journey, they are shocked to hear that Gladion has also left to travel around the world, feeling bad that they all left their friend alone. Moon has gotten used to it since she gets challengers often enough. She learns that Hau and Lillie are finally together and is completely happy for them, and Lillie asks what happened to her and Gladion which she (Moon) explained to her. Hau was shocked to hear that Moon had a crush on Lillie’s brother for so long and was teased for just realising. :P Nevertheless, the two asked if Moon still likes Gladion, which she does but she is still unsure if he feels the same way after for so many years. She expresses that she’s growing tired of being the Champion and waiting for him to come back, but the two friends reassured Moon that he will return soon.
  • One day, a mysterious and powerful masked Pokemon League challenger appeared to challenge the Champion, hearing from many regions that “Alola’s got a real strong Champion.” Moon appreciated the compliment, but will not go easy on this mystery challenger. Eventually the challenger lost (because Moon is completely OP at this point for real after many hours of gameplay), and Moon asks where this challenger is from. He states that he is from Alola, but has been gone for a very long time and came back after hearing the spreading news about the Alola League being a popular hot spot for trainers to travel to and decided to return. Moon is curious if she has met him before, and before she further interrogates, underneath the mask revealed to be Gladion!
  • Moon is shocked and happy to see Gladion again, but she asked him why he was wearing that mask the entire time. He explains if he showed up as he is, she would be too shocked to battle and go easy on him instead. Nevertheless she welcomes Gladion back home but calls him a jerk for not giving her a chance to reply to his confession years ago, which he apologises for and hopes she understands very well why he left. Moon shyly looks at him and asks if he still has feelings for her after for so long, which Gladion still retains his answer years ago. Happy to hear that he still likes her, she too, finally was able to give her confession to Gladion, after years of wanting to hear an answer from her. He promises to give her happiness every day from now on, and the two will never be alone again (And then the similar ending to the above happens).


  • After Hau states he will train more to become stronger to find Lillie and his dad, he eventually leaves on his journey to Kanto, a year after Moon became the Champion and holds off on becoming an Island Kahuna until he finds the both of them. He also kept the object he received from Lillie, closely keeping an eye on it and taking good care of it.
  • Hau initially was going to write a letter to Lillie stating his feelings for her, but he started to doubt himself until his grandfather encouraged him to go find his father and to tell Lillie directly on how he feels about her.
  • After a long hour flight to Kanto from Alola (assuming they’re on the opposite sides of the world), Hau starts his own adventure from Kanto, hoping to find Lillie along the way. Unfortunately, this task was not easy to do since she could be anywhere along with the unfamiliar geography to him. He first starts off with the information he knew: Lillie is last said to be looking for a way to help Lusamine’s recovery by visiting Bill, the man who once was merged with a Pokemon. Hau thinks that Lillie is with Bill so he goes off to find where he lives, where he was told that Bill lives on the Cerulean Cape. However, it turned out that Bill actually lives in Goldenrod City in Johto and that it is his grandfather who resides at his old home. Saddened to see that Lillie is no where to be around, he asked Bill’s grandfather if he has seen a blonde green-eyed girl in a ponytail that wears a pink backpack. The man replied that he hasn’t seen anyone fitting that description and that Bill is also not around in Johto lately, but the Cerulean Gym Leader might have a better chance at knowing trainers who have come by to challenge her.
  • Hau challenges Misty, and is told that she has been challenged by a girl fitting his description but she has no clue on her whereabouts except to keep challenging the gym leaders so he may have a better track of where she might be…and it turns out that an acquiantance of Bill  in Fuchsia City told him a girl fitting his description is currently visiting One Island. This made Hau happy and he immediately left for Vermillion City’s harbor to travel there.
  • As Hau was exploring around the Pokemon Network Center, he meets Bill’s friend Celio, and asked if he knows a girl named Lillie and where she might be. Luckily Celio says that he just happened to met up with Bill and her recently and both of them are currently out on the other Sevii Isles and that they are to be returning within a day. Although Hau wanted to see Lillie right away because he is much closer to seeing her more than ever, he felt hesitant and started to doubt himself again, believing that there would be no way that she would like him for being unable to protect her in Alola and that she will leave him again as a friend. And most of all, deeply regrets not being able to give her a smile before he was able to see her off. After he explained to Celio about his situation, he told him to have more confidence in himself and to tell her how he honestly feels about her. Hau agrees but he isn’t sure on how to confront Lillie after for so long, and that he has not been smiling a lot lately. Celio thought up of a proper plan to get the two of them alone and tells Hau to follow the plan, which he agrees to.
  • Late into the evening, Bill and Lillie return to One Island after gathering their ingredients. Lillie is happy to know that the medicine for her mother is almost complete and that all she has to do is wait for several days for the ingredients to process and be passed to Erika to make before she can finally deliver it to Wicke. She thanks Bill and Celio for helping her after for so long, but not before she receives a letter, albeist a short one, from Celio: “Dear Lillie, I have something nice to give to you. Please meet me on the most southern shore of Seven Island.” Lillie questioned who this was from, but Celio told her to go find out, whispering to Bill that it is Hau but to keep it a surprise, whom he has heard about from Lillie. Lillie complies and leaves One Island to go all the way to the most southern shore of Seven Island.
  • It is said that at Seven Island, “At night, residents say, they can see more stars than could ever be possible in regions like Kanto and Johto, where light pollution from the major cities there causes all but the brightest to be invisible.” This night sky was a similar sky to her departure to Kanto from Alola, in Hau’oli City’s harbor. Lillie got off of the harbour and walked through the small town and travelled through the Sevault Canyon, wondering why the mysterious person wouldn’t have just meet her up in town instead. As Lillie hasn’t explored this island in much detail, she came to realise it slightly reminded her of some of the landscape of Melemele Island.
  • Eventually she finally reached to the shore, but did not see the person she was supposed to meet (initially). Coming out from the shore rocks was Hau, with a big smile on his face. Lillie was shocked to see him here and she was undoubtedly happy, and she asked if that was the letter that she was waiting for. Hau was surprised that she remembered what he said a year ago, but he said it wasn’t exactly the letter he planned on writing. He told her what he was supposed to write in the letter, but decided he wanted to tell her how he felt about her and that even if she doesn’t return his feelings, he’s happy enough to be able to travel all the way to Kanto to give finally her a smile, something that he was unable to do before she left Alola. Lillie started to cry, something that Hau never saw and he panicked if he made her upset but she reassured him that he didn’t.
  • Hau told Lillie that he wanted to become stronger so he will be able to protect her better when he wasn’t able to with their friends in Alola. Although Lillie appreciates his thoughts, she does not want to rely on him for protection all the time. She told him that she became a Pokemon Trainer because she appreciated all of the help she received, and she wants return her support to Hau, her friends and family. Additionally, she wants to become some sort of advisor and give her support to trainers in the future. This made Hau happy, he told her that he’ll still give her all the support she needs, and that he expresses how proud of he is of how much Lillie has grown. Lillie cries even more (much to Hau’s panicking!), and that there is no one else in this world who can make her this happy, finally admitting her feelings to Hau. She also admits the object she gave to him, the Alolan Raichu Ni’ihau Shell Necklace was personally made by her for him to wear and thinks that it would look fantastic on him as the future Melemele Island Kahuna. Now it was Hau’s turn to cry that also made Lillie begin to panic, which left the two laughing as they started walking back to town.
  • After all of that happened…Lillie manages to deliver the completed medicine to Wicke for her mother to take, and eventually Lusamine was rid of Nihilego’s neurotoxins. Although Lillie’s goal is completed, she still wants to become further better as a Pokemon Trainer. She already knew of Hau’s remaining goal: To find his father. The two of them decided to travel together once again like they did on Alola, this time around the Pokemon regions, and they will return home after they feel they are ready to be with their friends ago. As they travel along the regions, the two are hoping along the way they will encounter Hau’s father. (Eventually they did)
  • A few years later of traveling around the regions, Hau finally decided that he’s strong enough to challenge Tapu Koko and  his grandfather to succeed his title as Island Kahuna. Lillie still encourages him to finally go after his dream, and the two eventually returned to Alola, together with Hau’s father right behind them.
  • More than 10 years later since the establishment of the Pokemon League, these two decided to have a double wedding with Gladion and Moon, one of the biggest celebrations that was ever done in Alola. (I know that’s not really creative but I wanted to insert some sort of ending LOL)

GuzmaxPlumeria (I admit this one was a bit hard to write…BUT ENJOY ANYWAY)

  • Over the months (after Moon becomes the Champion) when Team Skull had started to rebuild themselves in a better light as Club CuBonez, Guzma starts to become kinder (though still rowdy sometimes) and begins to realise that there has always been someone who always supported him ever since he formed Team Skull. He kept striving on being the strongest and planting fear in whoever crossed his path, and when Lusamine gave him praise and recognition he always wanted in his life, he ignored everyone else at the time. He already had praise and recognition but not in the way he expected it, his grunts have always gave their admiration to Guzma even though they may be boneheaded sometimes. If there is someone who truly cared for him ever since the formation of Team Skull, it was Plumeria.
  • After coming to his realisation that he never thanked her dedication to him (especially after finding out from one of his grunts that she was begging Moon to bring him back from the Ultraspace safely) and he starts seeing how amazing she is at coordinating Team Skull, Guzma starts to have a crush on Plumeria but unfortunately, he is awful at admitting his feelings and always end up becoming rejected, mainly for looking ridiculous to the other person. This was another thing that contributed to his inferior complex, and he never wanted to have feelings for someone again ever since he was a teenager.
  • Guzma tried to seek advice from Nanu but…that wasn’t very helpful (lol). He wanted to ask his parents but he’s worried  about hearing their responses to tell him to give up while he’s still at it (once again, indicating his past as a failure). He even thought about asking advice from the Aether Foundation, but he doesn’t exactly feel comfortable associating with them again after what happened with Lusamine and the Ultraspace incident. There is also no way the Champion or even Gladion would provide advice to him, especially since he’s a bit over twice their age. There was one group of people he can definitely rely on and should have been relying on more for help in the first place anyway: The Grunts!
  • Guzma basically explained to a group of his Grunts that he likes Plumeria but he has no idea how to confess to her without looking like an idiot. The Team Skull Grunts made their O_O face, as they are all shocked and looked at one another. They also learned about the fear truly he has (looking like an idiot in front of her). However, they are very happy to hear the boss has a crush on the admin and think the two should totally go out (yes Team Skull I also ship them pretty hard LOL).
  • This is basically how the dialog goes:
    Male Grunt A: “YO! Go for it boss! Just be yourself man, there ain’t nothing wrong with that!”
    Female Grunt A: “Big Sis will really appreciate it if you just tell her that ya like her! I’m sure she won’t think you’re stupid!”
    Male Grunt B: “Don’t try to look cool, or you really will look like a fool! You gotta tell her how you feel, so you can see what the situation reveals. You’re gonna pout if you don’t find out. All Team Skull — I mean Club CuBonez has to say is…GO BOSS GO! YOU GOTTA CUT THE SLACK, CUZ CUBONEZ GOT YO’ BACK! “
  • Guzma is moved to tears by his grunts and feels much better about approaching Plumeria. Eventually he is able to get himself to be alone with Plumeria, though his grunts are secretly hiding themselves in the background watching the both of them. Guzma nervously  starts asking random questions and complimenting Plumeria (once again, he has the fear of looking like an idiot in front of her), which results in her questioning his motives and why he is acting this way. Guzma finally brings up the courage to tell her that he likes her, but he admitted into explaining his reasons on why he was so scared of confessing to her. He also expressed his regrets for not giving his recognition to her after realising that she was the one who has always been there for him and took him seriously, even when his abilities didn’t seem to be impressive and everyone saw him as a joke. Team Skull is going O////O omgomgomgplslikehimbackplslikehimback in the background lol.
  • Plumeria calls him an idiot (much to his dismay and picking at his fear), which made Guzma felt shot down initially thinking to himself that he’s a failure at getting his crush reciprocate his feelings once again. However, she immediately states the fact that he’s her idiot and she likes him too. She further reassures him that she always thought Guzma is amazing and that he has his own talents that other people don’t have, even though he was a bonehead when it came to respecting others, but she tells him he has improved so much and she is proud of him for that. Guzma is moved to tears once again and asks Plumeria if she will stay by his side, together as a couple, and promises that he will do the best he can to make her happy, which she happily agrees to. And before the two embrace, they are briefly interrupted by some of the grunts accidentally falling out of their hiding places, but they were joined in by the rest and started to cheer for the new couple, much to Guzma and Plumeria’s embarassment and they scolded them for eavesdropping (and watching).
  • 10 years later, the two eventually got married and started a family of their own (Guzma being a super supportive dad while Plumeria makes sure her children are well-taken care of).

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