RWBY Volume 4 – SO HYPED!

Hi guys, haven’t done a blog entry in awhile again since my extra year of university started.

But anyway, I’m SO hyped for RWBY’s Volume 4 that’s coming out this month — that’s 20 days away!

Spoilers obviously below the cut (up to the end of Volume 3 if it’s not obvious) with some theories of my own.

I can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to after the time skip as well as new characters/designs. Although we already saw the designs for Team RWBY, I actually look more forward to seeing to the rest of Team RNJR’s updated looks. We can only catch a small thumbnail from RTX’s event of Jaune, Nora, and Ren.

It looks like Jaune’s hairstyle is a bit sharper/cleaner looking? Nora’s hair definitely grew a bit and sports some sort of jacket, and Ren’s hair is not in a ponytail/styled differently/cut? Can’t wait until we see these guys in full! Here’s a list of what I’m hoping to see from these guys (including Ruby since Pyrrha is gone…):

  • Jaune’s semblance: Yes, we’ve all seen a glimpse of it (literally) in Forever Fall 2 against Cardin but I really hope we actually see the full usage of it in Volume 4. I mean, Pyrrha did train him to become a better fighter to an extent (he stated to skip aura before he can work on his semblance unless this was done off screen) but after she was killed, he’s pretty much on his own to train himself better unless the rest of the team helped him out (most likely).

    I can definitely see Jaune being the type who expresses remorse for being unable to protect Pyrrha in the end because he didn’t train hard enough to do so and regrets not doing enough training with her when she was still alive (“If I can’t do this on my own… then what good am I?“). Perhaps when we’ll first see him in action, he’ll at least get a hand of his aura properly (in memory of Pyrrha) and finally discover how to use his semblance.

    My best guess for his semblance is that it’s related to defense (primary) and offense (secondary). It’s been noted so many times that he’s not up to par compared to his other classmates in terms of fighting and speed (E.g. Weiss, Ruby, Ren, Pyrrha, etc), yeah that may very well be true. BUT! What if he was never meant to be an attacker class but rather a paladin class instead? Yes I’m probably not the only one who thought of this but I like to give my personal explanations.

    In most RPGs, paladins are generally supporter-secondary attack classes while being the tanks on the field; they often suffer a lot in speed. Jaune isn’t very mobile but he stated to have a lot of Aura (he can take a lot of hits as shown during the episodes); that’s a HUGE trait right there. He wields the Crocea Mors (a sword and shield), which is almost impossible for any paladin to not wield (for obvious reasons). Paladins block attacks to survive and have some healing power (not to the amazing extent of a healer class), which is also seen in Forever Fall 2 as a counter type move. Additionally paladins are associated with holy light (or some type of light), Jaune’s semblance gave off a flash of white light (see its activation and his glowing hands). Joan of Arc (Jaune’s based off of her) is a defender (defending and fighting for France), warning people of upcoming troubles to save their lives (bonus that she’s a knight and Jaune sports some knight armor too). And finally, the personality: Paladins are often associated with good deeds, will, and rightfulness. Jaune obviously displays these personality traits for his character, especially when it comes to his kindness, caring for his friends, and honesty — always putting himself last before others.

    He blocks attacks more than actually fighting (to some extent), so that may very well display his preference towards defense more than offense and as a tanker, which is basically what paladins do. That’s basically my theory for him, which is honestly the one that makes the most sense to me. I hope to see more of his character development, Jaune’s one of my favourite characters. ^^

  • Jaune and Ruby: Oops, not quite done with Jaune. :P It’s highly speculated that they’re each other’s new/temporary partners (I doubt Team JNPR will be finding someone to replace Pyrrha anytime soon…T_T). I really like the friendship between these two, they understand each other a whole lot (both leaders, socially awkward but quick to make friends, willing to help each other out in desperate times, and find each other pleasant to hang out with) with very similar goals (Jaune wanting to become a huntsman to continue the family tradition of being a hero, Ruby to become a huntress to be the hero to help others in need). I hope we get to see more of Jaune and Ruby’s cooperative work together in Volume 4 and how they grow together as friends. Though I don’t necessarily ship these two, I’m still open to any possible romance (I highly doubt it unless they pull a parallel with Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao Long). Other than that, I can really only just see these two as BFFs which I’m happy with.
  • Ren and Nora: More expansion on their background — after all, they are working with Ruby. Will their relationship develop as more than friends? Who knows, I’m just itching for their character development and their interaction with Ruby.

Okay so back to Team RWBY. Here are my thoughts and questions…

  • Ruby: Obviously out to find clues she got from Qrow, she’ll probably bump into a few familiar faces along the way to Haven. If she manages to reunite her team, will they all be traveling together to fight against the enemy? I wonder how much difficulty it will take to be with any of them again (Weiss, Blake, Yang) or what their interactions will be like.

    On the side note, I hope to find out Ruby’s hidden silver eye powers. I’d like to make a theory that she’s actually the current Winter Maiden, just only a few people (Taiyang, Qrow, and maybe Ozpin) who are already aware that she is one and she’s not (after all, she didn’t learn about The Story of the Maidens and how they’re actually real). Remember how Qrow and Tai stated that the Grimm on top of the tower is “frozen” and how everything “whited out?” (white light from eyes in wing form, similar to the Fall Maiden’s eyeglow) The RED trailer and how Ruby leaves with Team JNR during the winter? Summer Rose’s robe is white, and she was likely thinking about Ruby (the last person in the maiden’s thought will transfer their power to them) during her final moments. That’s my best guess at least.

  • Blake: She’s known to run away because she doesn’t know what to do in stressful situations. We all know that Yang stated she ran away (which greatly upsets her), but it is likely that Blake feels extreme guilt about Yang after she (Blake) couldn’t do anything to stop the incident from happening. We will definitely have to see how she’ll be reuniting with the rest of the team, alongside with how she will be confronting Adam again in the future.
  • Weiss: I’m not too sure what happened to her during the time skip but I’m probably assuming that her father placed her into some kind of house arrest (see interiors of the trailer) for constantly ignoring his calls and leaving Atlas to become a huntress as punishment/protection(?), making her alone again. I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to reunite with Ruby and Blake.
  • Yang: I have a LOT to say about her. She’ll be over her depression, but her once cheerful, happy-go-lucky, and optimistic personality is likely deprived in the post-time skip. I’m going to give a guess that she turned into a very bitter and pessimistic person after what happened at the Vytal Festival (remember, the entire world watched her assault Mercury even though she was under Emerald’s illusions, leaving her to seem like she’s a criminal), her arm, Beacon, and with Blake running away without saying a word. She’s stuck staying at home rather than being the thrill seeker (her reason on becoming a huntress) she wanted to be.

    The official artwork and the concept art doesn’t have her smiling like she does with the pre-timeskip, and her eyes just does not look friendly at all. Qrow stated that Raven is a dangerous individual who does not share the same world views as he does — will Yang end up sharing the same thoughts as her mother (I’m guessing Raven’s also pessimistic and maybe sadistic?)?

    How she interacts with meeting the others? Probably not very welcoming and open arms like she usually does pre-time skip. Ruby – does not seem to care that she left for Haven (Yang would always be going after her and making sure that she’s safe) and will probably tell her to just give up on what she’s doing, Weiss – I’m not sure, maybe she’ll state she feels pity that she’s back under her father’s control, and Blake – Oh boy, this can’t end well.

    Finally the arm: There are so many people that are guessing she’s going to get a mechanical arm like Ironwood does. Although it sounds like a good theory and all, I’ll take a more interesting approach to it: I’d like to give a guess that she’s going to obtain some sort of forbidden power from Raven (she does have a Grimm like mask) and use it in one way or another that will corrupt her (but not necessarily turn evil, maybe just an anti-hero). Afterwards, she will plot out to seek revenge against Adam in the case that he would be at a huge disadvantage to her.

Yup, that’s all I have to say (there’s a whole lot more I’d theorize and all but these are the ones that pop out the most to me). =) It’d be kinda cool if some of them did come correct though.



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