Thinking about old Internet friends

A bit of a random topic on my blog (and it’s been a WHILE since my last post like usual), but something sparked up on me a week or so ago — my old internet friends.

I mainly started thinking about my old internet friends after paying a visit to my deviantART account and started using it a bit (so much has changed). Unfortunately I lost contact with a lot of the friends I made from the internet with some up to a decade — usually the ones I made from MapleStory, Neopets, and deviantART.

I usually lose contact when either A) They no longer log onto the website we use (or a chat messenger like MSN back in the old days, B) I lose attention span and focus on other things, or C) Either of us have gone MIA and forgot who the other person is. Usually in most cases it’s A), which does sadden me because they disappeared off of the earth out of the blue and never come back.

Sometimes I do wonder what my old friends have been up to and what they’re doing in life now: What are their new hobbies? Where are they living or did they move to somewhere else? Did they graduate from college/university and got full-time jobs? What are their jobs right now? Did they get married and/or have kids? Are they just too busy with their lives? Did they die…?

Whatever the result is (hopefully not the last one), I hope they are doing well and happy in life. I wish I could talk to them and just catch up on what we’ve been doing through all of the years we haven’t talked since then (I’d talk to them about what I’m doing/have been doing, my plans for the future after university, etc).


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