How to keep your bangs flat: A short tutorial

Hi guys! I added a beauty and fashion section category to my blog since it’s been something that I’ve grown attached to over the past few years (paying more attention to my appearance and being more expressive with it). To start off, I’d like to include a tutorial based on keeping your bangs flat since a lot of people who know me IRL always ask me how I keep mine so nice and flat. I don’t use a flat iron to flatten or style my bangs because most of the time, my bangs will spread out and go stray on me like a broom lol.

Please note that this is aimed towards thick hair (specifically for east Asian hair, I’m not sure how well this will fare for other races with thick hair).  Additionally I am not sure how well this will go with greasy hair so I cannot guarantee what it will look like as well. This is what I do to keep my bangs flat (straight full bangs style). I will not be able to provide photos since I don’t really have a decent camera — I will keep my descriptions well informed though.

Tools needed:

  • Blow dryer (any will do)
  • Fine-tooth comb (the finer the better but not necessary)
  • Hair spray: Try and get one made for thick hair because if the spray is light, it will not hold your bangs properly and you’ll end up creating inconsistent layers of hair spray. I personally use TRESemmé: Extra firm hold because it lasts really well throughout the day (even if there’s a little drizzle). I sweat a lot at work and it’s still kept in tact until the end of the shift. It’s inexpensive too, you can get it at Walmart’s beauty section for under $10 (CAD)
  1. Wet your bangs with water (do it completely up to the roots if they are uneven as well); have it at least 80% wet. If you have awful bed hair or your bangs look like a complete disaster (e.g. Looking like a puffy broom), wetting your bangs will get rid of that poofyness. Plus if you mess up styling your bangs, this is the perfect way to reset it.
  2. Comb through your bangs with the fine-tooth comb in a straight-down motion. Doing this will help your bangs stay straight down and flat as you guide through them with the comb. The fine-tooth comb helps keep the bangs even, full, and flat as well compared to a brush and/or a wider tooth comb.
  3. Start blow drying your bangs at a warm or hot temperature (make sure the air isn’t at the temperature you’re not comfortable with!), with the hair dryer facing downwards at an angle towards the top of your bangs (at a distance about a width of your hand). At this stage, use the comb to consistently comb through your bangs onto your forehead in a downwards motion (don’t comb hard just in case if you have any pimples/zits) as it slowly dries from the air.

    Be sure to move your combing and hair dryer within the same position slowly in the same direction throughout your bangs so the drying is consistent. If you do this at one section and you move onto the other part of your bangs that is wet, that dried area will become stray and it will be hard to keep your bangs looking the same!

    ** If you have short bangs (eyebrow level or above that), tilt your head slightly upwards and have the hair dryer aiming at the center of your bangs. Like the above, comb through your bangs as you are drying it. This will prevent the bangs from straying out and keeping flat on your forehead.

  4. After your bangs are dry (5% wet is fine), comb through your bangs again in a straight downwards motion so you can reinforce the consistency. Your bangs should be straight down, full, and flat at this point.
  5. Cover your eyes and the bottom tips of your bangs (get enough of your bangs that you can hold them down flat on your face) and hairspray your bangs (straight at it), leaving a consistent coat on it. Depending on how strong your hairspray is, don’t put too much on — otherwise, your bangs will be in clumps and it will be a pain to restyle again. For the hairspray I use, I put on a light layer since it’s super strong to hold my bangs in place. Do not leave the hairspray drying out too long.

    ** For short bangs (eyebrow level or above that), you’re going to do the same thing again for Step 3 and tilt your head upwards at and angle. Hair spray your bangs downwards.

  6. For the bottom tips of your bangs, cover your eyes and try and get your spray aiming for the remaining area — a very light spray will keep in hold.
  7. Look in the mirror. Are your bangs mostly straight down and flat? Then you should be fine. If there are stray hairs that aren’t straight down and flat, and your hairspray is still wet, take your fine-tooth comb and lightly brush it downwards. Do not brush all the way through or your bangs will be in very small clumps.
  8. Wait for your bangs to dry (which shouldn’t take long) and then you’re done!

I hope this helps and the steps aren’t confusing to anyone. I’ll try and create some drawings for some of the steps that might sound a bit confusing (3 and 5) so it will be more clear visually. ;w; This is basically what I do everyday and it works for me almost all of the time (if my hair gets the slightest grease, it won’t do).


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