Why I quit MapleStory (long ver.)

I mentioned my retirement from MapleStory long ago, without saying any official good byes or anything like that. The short reasons are my lack of interest, time, the downgrade of the game, and my friends quit. Of course, there’s more to it than that.

I’ve been meaning to get this off of my chest for awhile and I didn’t like making any sudden announcements because I’d rather gradually announce the news instead personally. But anyway I’ll explain why I quit MapleStory 2 years ago in full detail and the reasons behind it.

It was because of the Unleashed patch that ruined it for me back in summer 2013. I disliked the changes that it brought with it such as the rise of the level cap, the restricted exp gaining for anyone above level 200, the removal of family systems, nerfed training grounds — there’s just too many other reasons that contributed to my retirement (not just limited to Unleashed and some of these reasons you may likely not agree with).

The level cap

I dislike the rise of the level cap because it made level accomplishments no longer valuable. Hitting 200 was still a big deal to me 3 years ago because of the amount of time and effort I spent on my marksman. With 200, I finally felt like I can relax and I don’t need to worry about doing more — I could finally be on the same level as other people without getting competitive remarks from others (E.g. lol I’m level 243, you’re a level 204 noob XD). I know that the majority of the players couldn’t make it to 200 before then but still — I personally never looked down on anyone who’s a lower level than I am. The training grounds are pretty crappy too, especially when they nerfed the best maps to train.

Hitting 200 today is probably something that no one would pay attention to anymore — even I got some backlash for hitting 200 before the cap was raised a year later (it was still a huge deal to me back then since I never leeched/hack/LHC to 200). For example, hitting level 70 back then vs now isn’t the same — third job is practically something that isn’t worth to many people to celebrate with anymore.

The only achievement worth celebrating these days is if you own a godly weapon or equips (E.g. 300+ attack whatever) — the little stuff isn’t impressive anymore (E.g. Finding a pair of Evil Wings from El Nath back then) because of how the game is structured these days (E.g. You can find a pair of Evil Wings basically from a certain number of monsters at a much higher drop rate).

Still too pay to win

Unfortunately this is the path the game ultimately taken its course in. If you want to make yourself stronger to kill bosses (E.g. Magnus) and get stuff from them to make profit, you’d have to do this through cubing. The chances of getting the best and exact stats you want? Fat chance, unless you’re mostly stupidly lucky. Yes, you can get cubes without NX now but that requires an awful load of time investment, which I obviously don’t have these days compared to 10 years ago. Additionally, it’s not just cubes to be spending NX for too — I’m talking about buying things that can help you perfect your equipment (protection + +10% chance scrolls for examples) which is pretty much the general expectation these days.

Can’t keep up in general

Let’s face it, MapleStory will continuously add higher level equips that allow you to upgrade your stuff. That’s great and all, but I don’t have the capacity to spend more money to toughen up on my gear. I remember I spent a year trying to perfect my Reverse Black Beauty with +7 attack scrolls, which is extremely costly especially since I used Pam’s Songs for it. Then a few months later, Empress equipment comes out. This is pretty much the same situation when I received my empress crossbow from a very generous friend when it comes for Tyrant equipment. It’s basically an endless cycle, which is why I stopped bothering to upgrade my equipment in general years ago.

NX and Economy

Not exactly a major reason but I’ve read that I would be spending $25 for 17.5k NX (this applies to countries outside of the US too) — okay just no. And apparently I see that we cannot pay for NX online either so that isn’t very helpful (and I’m going to guess the exchange rates are the same). I’m glad I stopped spending on NX years prior to my retirement. =T

As for the economy, it’s pretty crappy. To actually gain profit, you need to defeat some of the tougher bosses in MS. And to do that, you need to be funded with godly equips achieved either through NX or merching. I’m awful at finding things to buy low, sell high in general so that exactly isn’t too much of an option for me. I would rather work to get items from monsters on demand to sell, such as hunting monster drops to turn into monster crystals to sell for 900k each (back then when the Maker Skill was around). Unfortunately MapleStory took out a lot of the sources of income for many players and rendered the prices to a poor amount (E.g. NPCing equips went from 400k to less than 50k)/the stuff isn’t in demand anymore in accordance to the game (E.g. Ores, clean equips that are below lv.120).

Selling hunted potential equips is an option, but that requires getting lucky if you’re getting stats that people would buy for equips they’d actually use. The only hunting-effort based income method is through events but even that isn’t reliable because it fluctuates so often that you need to know when’s the best time to sell these items (which I’m a noob at). So basically I just plain suck at knowing how to merch. :B

The Maps

I despise the changes to what they’ve done to the maps. I loved to explore the maps with friends and getting lost together just like how you would in a real fantasy RPG game. All of the Hidden Streets were fun to play around and hide inside of, maps being so large that it’s enjoyable to be inside of, and so forth. I know why they took out these extra maps because they want to make more content and space for other features. They could’ve done it in different ways such as taking out the anime videos away from specific job classes like Phantom and just use it as a trailer/side story to look at online (videos take up a LOT of data). My point still stands though, MapleStory lost the fantasy touch to it in its world.

The Classes [This is more so criticism rather than a reason why I quit]

I like the new classes and the improvements to the originals (just the explorers) but it loses its charm once there are copycat version of skills of each other. For example, a Bowmaster was well known and unique because they use hurricane. Well, you got Corsairs (Rapid Fire), WH (Wild Blast), Mercedes (Ishtar’s Ring), WA (Sky’s Song), and probably even more classes out there that copy hurricane. I understand they would have a hurricane replica because there isn’t a lot of ways to create a “main attack move” for archers (but still with an overall different skill set)…however for skills like Sniping to be replicated by Corsairs, Jetts/Dragon Warriors, and Xenon, okay there’s definitely some type of skill that is better suited to replace their version of “sniping” because that isn’t their main attacking skill.

It also isn’t just that either — everything is just too focused on NPCs. This is probably my personal bias because I mained a marksman myself. It’s always about the Heroes, Novans, and other non-explorer classes in terms of character content. Even the artwork (including fan art) is mainly dedicated to them (not that I don’t like the designs) and the official artwork downgraded as well. By this, I mean any new NPC class that’s introduced is a generic looking character (*cough same face syndome*). I like seeing fan art of these NPCs at least…but I like MapleStory fan art where people draw their own characters because the characters involved always look unique (even if they look like henehoes in-game) even more. I wish they would make a new base class (kind of like how pirates have their own category when they were introduced) that uses different weapons from everyone else that isn’t based on NPCs (E.g. The Resistance, Cygnus Knights).

Anyway, the main part about the classes are the removal of certain skills more importantly. I missed the old skills such as Strafe, Puppet, Arrow Eruption, and Blizzard — they were my favourite part of being a sniper/marksman. I don’t like how they removed explorer skills, they defined a lot of the classes by a whole lot. I do like the improvements they made such as giving every class more mobility (as much as it’s a dismay to hermits/NLs when they were the only ones who had FJ) and not having archers getting interrupted while they’re attacking (bow/crossbow whacking) — but these skills should have stayed somehow.

The Community

(Sort of ties in with the below). People are just too focused on damage these days (as hypocritical as it sounds but I never find myself better than others) and essentially, this is what a majority of them focus on. I certainly don’t like being compared to in general either. Friendships and doing things together isn’t really focused on either…if you want to boss, people these days just wants to solo so they can have all of the drops to themselves. Even if you pair up, there would always be that one person who destroys everything in less than 5 minutes. It personally makes me feel like I hardly contributed at all and makes me wonder why I bothered to come along (most of the time these people would just leave afterwards to fight another boss to do the same thing/I can’t do. Of course I don’t have to fight with someone funded but still.

I missed the days where people would come flocking to me for SE and MW30 where nowadays, anyone can get this — especially with the skillbooks worth less than 5m that work 100% of the time (which really pissed me off since I spent almost a bil for all of my books/my friends spent so much on me on helping as well). I missed the team effort that was required to kill Zakum and to PQ together too.

The Game Content (overall)

It’s just overall boring, especially in relation to the maps (can’t use skills to show off in FM, boo!). The events aren’t that engaging compared to before (E.g. Free NX outfit day) and the little stuff is hardly existent/worth it anymore.

(E.g. I know fame isn’t worth it to most people but I liked looking at mine since it focused on the amount of connections you made with people– I obtained mine mainly by trading fame everyday with people (where I met a lot of great people through)/people+friends show their love for me. [I still didn’t care if people defamed me because I know that I have more admirers than haters LOL] But thanks to one of these events, I see people climbing up to 10k+ because they simply just used the envelopes (the main source).

Friends and real life

The most important one out of all of my reasons for quitting and don’t get me wrong on this: If the majority of my friends and guildies quit, so did I. I found it harder to make friends from MapleStory or even from basilmarket throughout the years before I retired. I’m not exactly too sure why, but I know that I would make friends through random and weird ways (E.g. I met my BFF Mike through the shortcut constantly falling from Ellinia to Sleepywood). Maybe I grew out of it? I was quite a shut-in when I was younger, my depression and social anxiety was pretty severe. I spent more time with my MapleStory friends than the ones in real life because I grew up closely with them, and they’ve been a huge support to me ever since. I improved my social life (IRL) a whole lot when I transferred to my current university (2 years ago, the same year I quit MS) gradually over time and just became more involved with what I do, so I guess that’s the part where I started to concentrate in real life and moved on from MS. I do still have social anxiety but it’s not as severe as before.

I’m sure there are other stuff that I missed out on, but these are the major ones that led me into quitting.


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