MLP Season 5 Finale – My speculations

I’m pretty hyped up for what will happen next for the season’s finale just from watching the promo. I’m gonna do my own personal speculation of what will happen during the episodes (which of course, won’t be accurate until it shows on the 28th). I’ll do some quick notes on my guesses based on the references we have so far.

MLP Season 5 Episode 25: The Cutie Re-Mark Part 1

  • Twilight organises a speech rally at her castle delivering a presentation about cutie mark magic, how she (as the Princess of Friendship) met her friends through explaining the importance of the Rainboom and how they obtained their cutie marks this way. She further made details that without the Rainboom, she wouldn’t have become Celestia’s student and met her friends. She was about to explain the connection made with cutie mark magic until she thought she spotted Starlight Glimmer in the crowd. Twilight looks again and she’s gone, feeling nervous and tries to get back to explaining the effects of cutie mark magic.
  • After Twilight was done with her speech, she feels worried if she saw Starlight Glimmer or not and walks out of her castle into Ponyville to clear her mind. Spike noticed that Twilight hesitated during her speech, finds Twilight in Ponyville, and asks her what’s wrong, Twilight agrees to explain to him in further detail while they were walking back to her castle.
  • Spike is informed about why Twilight hesitated in her speech, knowing that Starlight wasn’t friendly with the Mane Six because of their involvement in Our Town. Spike predicts that Starlight is coming back for revenge which this thought worries Twilight, and Spike quickly says the former. Twilight is still feeling uneasy and unsure of what she saw. She states, “As long as I have my friends, everything will be alright” which initially starts to lessen her worries.
  • Twilight starts to think that she was just over-stressing about her cutie mark speech, to which Spike agrees where he states that it sounds better than Starlight Glimmer planning an evil plot for revenge. As the two open the doors to the cutie mark map room, Twilight states that it does sound silly. Spike stares ahead with chock and worry, replying “or it’s totally true” with the two shocked at who’s up ahead of them. The pair spot Starlight lounging in Fluttershy’s throne, where she gets up and welcomes Twilight home.
  • Twilight questions why Starlight is here and her motives, to which Starlight replies that she thought she would make herself at home and that she was so motivated by Twilight’s speech that she decided to give Twilight a surprise magic spell just for her.
  • Starlight casts an activation spell on a powerful time traveling scroll (most likely stolen from the archives of Star Swirl the Bearded wing from Canterlot Castle since it contains a variety of time spells, since Twilight came here with Spike + Pinkie Pie to find a spell to stop time back in Season 2 Ep.20), which creates a portal that sucks Spike, Twilight, and Starlight into it. Spike grabs onto the scroll with Twilight, and the two land in Cloudsdale.
  • The two arrive in Cloudsdale and wondered why everything looks so different. Twilight looks around in Cloudsdale and notices something…Upon closer observation, the two spot a younger Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash heading towards somewhere. Spike and Twilight came to the conclusion that they traveled back in time, but wondered why are sent back to Cloudsdale. Twilight recalls that during her speech (possibly a quick flashback included), she stated without the rainboom, she wouldn’t have been able to get her cutie mark and meet her friends, to which she may have given Starlight the idea to exact her revenge by traveling back in time to stop the sonic rainboom from happening.
  • Twilight and Spike frantically rush around in Cloudsdale before Rainbow Dash starts the race to find and stop Starlight Glimmer from interfering with the race. The two managed to find Starlight but they become imprisoned inside of a crystal. Twilight questions what Starlight will do and she explains that Twilight will see very soon, and that her friends will all go down in history (referencing to what Rainbow Dash replies to the bullies about how she’ll go down in history). Fluttershy swings the flag and the race starts, making her fall after being swept up from the speed. Instead of Fluttershy falling, Starlight Glimmer switches the crystal prison and Fluttershy, making Twilight and Spike fall in her place. (I got this place swap idea where Twilight and Spike are inside of a crystal and they seem to be falling where the geography is strikingly similar to the one where Fluttershy starts to  fall to the ground minus the moving clouds)
  • Spike points out to Twilight that Starlight is heading towards the surface where she is magically holding a large cloud while jumping down. Twilight attempts to break the crystal prison in an attempt to stop Starlight and manages to break free and fly as fast as she could to catch up to Starlight…but not before Starlight destroys the ring that Rainbow Dash is supposed to hit before doing the sonic boom, replacing it with a cloud. Rainbow Dash is heading towards the surface of Equestria and crashes down into the cloud (or the ground if she just destroys the ring), rendering her attempt at the sonic rainboom a failure.
  • Twilight and Spike finally catch up to Starlight, scolding her for what she’s done. Starlight scruffs what they said aside and says that she may have failed in taking away the Mane Six’s cutie marks, but she deems that  changing the Mane Six’s fates is much better. Twilight and Spike won’t stand down, as they still had the ability to time travel as long as they have Star Swirl the Bearded’s spell. As Spike holds it in the air, Starlight snatches the scroll, rolls it out in front of the two, goes on to say “oh there won’t be a way for you to make things right” and slowly tears the scroll apart, leaving Twilight and Spike devastated.

MLP Season 5 Episode 26: The Cutie Re-Mark Part 2

  • With the only way to fix history and return back to their original time, Twilight demanded to know what else Starlight is planning to do. Starlight replies that she will make sure the Mane Six will continue to never discover their true talents. Spike tells her that they’ll stop her evil plans at all costs to which Starlight replies that there’s nothing they can stop her, no matter what they do, and she will do as she pleases in the past and teleports out of Cloudsdale.
  • Twilight feels utterly defeated and cries, stating that she’s not alright and everything is not okay because her meeting with friends is erased from history. She feels that there isn’t a way that she can fix everything after what Starlight has done. Something (The Tree of Harmony?) calls out to her and teleports Twilight into a vision of the future present after what Starlight has done/Twilight and Spike gets sent to the future by Starlight (?)
  • Twilight sees that Nightmare Moon returned and without the Elements of Harmony on hand, Celestia is forced to wage war to stop her sister once again. She ultimately loses against Nightmare Moon and she banishes Celestia permanently into the sun. Nightmare Moon returns to the Castle of the Royal Sisters and recreates the throne in her own image, making only one throne for herself with an eternal night (Note: “There can only be one princess in Equestria, and that princess will be ME!“). As the Mane Six doesn’t exist, Celestia’s reunion with Luna never happened.
  • Twilight tries to find her friends to recreate the Elements of Harmony to set everything right again, but she has no luck befriending them, as many of them changed their personalities and ways. As Twilight runs away from the castle, she finds Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie in the Everfree Forest and attempts to talk to them but they act viciously against Twilight and Spike. Finding no kindness nor laughter from her two friends, she leaves with Spike.
  • Twilight and Spike go over to Sweet Apple Achres is no longer filled with agriculture but rather in an industrial factory setting. She manages to find Apple Jack to be a demanding and snobby pony making constant orders to keep the factory line going. Twilight attempts to befriend her but is pushed away as AJ states she is “busy” (losing her trusting and caring nature always willing to help a friend).
  • Twilight goes around to Rarity’s boutique, only finding that the insides is incredibly plain looking and Rarity is constantly bored since she attracts very little business. Rarity refuses to spare anything to Twilight, even trying to sell information to her. Losing her fashion sense and generosity, Twilight is left heartbroken again.
  • Going around in Ponyville, Twilight finds Rainbow Dash t o be walking on the ground and asks why isn’t she flying. Rainbow tells her that she’s been humiliated since she lost the race many years ago as a filly and feels very discouraged to fly at all, which ended up making her drop out of Flight School. Twilight attempts to befriend Rainbow, but she is pushed away as Rainbow Dash lost her loyalty to be about to defend her friends.
  • Twilight once again loses even more hope for a chance to fix anything after seeing the condition that all of her friends are in and unable to re-create their friendship together.


Alternate ending 1:

  • Exploring more of what happened in the future, Twilight and Spike are surprised to see that Twilight’s (?) Castle is around, but to only see it in ruins (rocks and debris everywhere). Not only that, they also look to the Cutie Map where Equestria is mostly in ruins as well. The two look around until they encountered an older version of Starlight Glimmer who looks very weak.
  • Twilight and Spike glare at Starlight after what she has done in the past and they hope she’s happy for what she did. Starlight feels remorseful for what she has done and the entire fate of Equestria changed around her, stating that she only wanted revenge against Twilight and her friends but not the entire land itself. Twilight asks her why she does such horrible things and if her cutie mark is fated to make her this way. Starlight explains that she used to have a group of friends, but they were cruel and unkind. She tried to fit in with her friends but they ignored her attempts at kindness and fails to acknowledge her talent for magic. Her friends were very talented but arrogant as well, creating a jealous side of Starlight wishing she could fit in with them. Starlight gives up on friendship after she saves all of her friends nearly at the cost of herself, but no one acknowledged her efforts and walked away (Note her quote from The Cutie Map Part 2: “Are you ALSO going to give up everything just for these strangers?!“). Starlight vows to herself one day that she will make all friends equal to each other and that she will be the one who’s better than them all.
  • Twilight feels slightly saddened after hearing about Starlight’s background story and she tells her that being sorry about everything isn’t going to solve anything since she tore up Star Swirl’s time spell. Starlight mentions that if she had the same time spell again, she would stop herself from doing all of this and start over. Twilight gets an idea that the same time spell may have been destroyed in the past brought from her real timeline, but she is certain that the same time spell isn’t destroyed in the future (if it’s just a vision, it would be the same time spell that isn’t destroyed in the past).
  • Twilight and Spike fly over to Canterlot, only to find that it has been destroyed by Nightmare Moon. They still managed to find Star Swirl the Bearded’s wing from the ruined Canterlot Library. Unfortunately, all of the spells that were created have been scattered about/destroyed. Twilight loses hope that she really may not be able to fix everything, but Starlight Glimmer appears and hands her the time spell, saying that she found it in one of her storage cases just in case. She hands it to Twilight Sparkle, telling her to do what’s right.
  • Twilight activates the spell and travels to the past with Spike, not to where real timeline Starlight is about to intervene the race but rather when Starlight was a filly. Twilight meets with a crying Starlight, asking her what was wrong and she explains what the future Starlight has told her. Twilight explains to her that there are more ponies out there that can be her friend and that she should never limit herself to just a few. Each pony’s unique talents can create a special connection with other ponies, as long as she keeps giving every pony a chance to become her friend. The young Starlight wonders how she can make better friends, and as the Princess of Friendship, Twilight offers her friendship with her. Twilight uses the spell and she travels back to her real timeline with Spike. Ultimately re-uniting with her friends, she meets present day Starlight Glimmer who is now her friend.


Slightly altered ending:

  • Starlight Glimmer and past Twilight Sparkle is no where to be found in the future, perhaps they simply disappeared from history. Spike mentions that if they had the same time spell again, they would be able to stop  Starlight from doing all of this after seeing what the future is like. Twilight gets an idea that the same time spell may have been destroyed in the past brought from her real timeline, but she is certain that the same time spell isn’t destroyed in the future (if it’s just a vision, it would be the same time spell that isn’t destroyed in the past).
  • The two head over to Canterlot Library in the Star Swirl the Bearded wing to find the same spell and use it to travel back to the time where the two were sent to past Cloudsdale. Knowing where Starlight will go, they appeared in the same spot to where she was. Starlight shouts at how Twilight knew where she would go and Twilight explains what her plans were, making Starlight very surprised of how she exactly knew.
  • Twilight tells her that she’s been to the future when Starlight altered the past and the Elements of Harmony ceased to come to play. Starlight brushes it off again, she attempts to imprison Twilight and Spike again into a crystal prison but the two avoided her spell. The two have a magical dual that the ring where Rainbow Dash is supposed to dash through for her Sonic Rainboom is destroyed again. Rainbow Dash is nearing to hit the ring and Starlight expresses delight that they destroyed the ring together, making her job easier. Twilight finally projects images of what will happen if Starlight alters the past as a result of this action. Horrified by what will happen, Starlight expresses her remorse and tries to repair the ring but not without failure to keep it intact.
  • With the help from Twilight, the two successfully repairs the race ring and Rainbow Dash successfully performed her sonic rainboom. Twilight thanks Starlight for stopping herself from making a bad decision, but Starlight instead thanks Twilight. Starlight tells her that they’ll return back to their real time and everything is back to normal.
  • Twilight’s friends were in the same cutie map throne room, searching for Twilight but Starlight and Twilight came from the above and crashes onto them. Twilight’s friends were surprised to see Starlight, as they expressed initial hostility towards her. Starlight explains that she learned an important thing about friendship and how unique talents really do create harmony (The Elements of Harmony). Without it, it creates disharmony. She ultimately apologises for what she’s done and that she will start to make actual friends for real this time, something that she doesn’t really have a special talent in. Twilight explains her role as the Princess of Friendship, where she offers her friendship to Starlight, which she gladly accepts.

I didn’t mention any of the previous villains being present in the “future” since they wouldn’t necessarily appear all together — we don’t know how far Twilight travels into the future:

  • Queen Chrysalis wouldn’t invade Canterlot or Equestria because there would be a lack of love and land to conquer because of Nightmare Moon’s power. Additionally, it’s possible that Princess Cadance and Shining Armor didn’t pursue a romantic relationship or that Shining Armor is defeated in battle (might be a bit too dark). Of course it’s still possible that she would invade but it depends if Equestria has “more love than any other land I’ve ever encountered.” It could be possible that she would pursue another better place to feed power off of.
  • King Sombra would definitely taken over the Crystal Empire when it would return, but he didn’t necessarily had plans for Equestria.
  • It’s possible that Discord’s statue would be destroyed if Nightmare Moon destroys Celestia’s garden. It’s also likely that he would still revive because of disharmony between ponies (Nightmare Moon and Celestia) and create chaos.
    However at the same time, the seal would be still intact since the Elements of Harmony that originally belonged to Celestia and Luna aren’t being used by/re-connected to someone else (rather they are just simply stored away). When Luna transformed into Nightmare Moon and fought with Celestia, Discord wasn’t freed from the fighting between them (activated when the CMC were fighting when the Elements were redirected to the Mane Six) because the elements are still connected to Celestia.
  • Lord Tirek could appear but again, it’s not destined that he would escape since Cerberus may not leave its post at all in the alternate timeline. Even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to overpower Nightmare Moon’s control (Nightmare Moon has the ability to turn Equestria into a living nightmare, that’d be still pretty darn powerful).
  • ** Sunset Shimmer, the Sirens, and Midnight Sparkle: This one is a bit tricky since it’s not known if the human world is affected by Starlight’s time travel to the past. For this case, I’m gonna say that the human world is kept separate from the pony world. I’m also going to say that it’s just a huge time paradox since there’s just so many possibilities involved — plus we don’t know when exactly Friendship Games takes place (probably after Season 5 going by the canon order). It’s unlikely that Equestria Girls characters will appear in the episode (as much as I would love to see more of pony Sunset) since film content is kept separate from the mainstream series (except for small cameos like Flash Sentry).

Yeah, that’s basically my most logical speculation of what I think will happen for this week’s finale. It definitely isn’t correct for certain but I’m still excited regardless!


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