Long awaited update lol

Hi guys, I hope you’ve been doing well.

Just wanted to say a few words for this entry. As usual, I’ve been very busy IRL in general haha (work, volunteering, uni, the usual). I also started dating my first boyfriend (since April), things have been going well for the both of us (I’m also his first girlfriend) haha. I’m not counting the online (mainly derived from MapleStory) relationships because those were mostly informal, especially since I was a teenager at the time. Either way, I am very happy to be having a relationship with this man — I can’t express how lucky I am to be with him. ^///^

I updated a few of the pages on the blog such as the F.A.Q and links.

I got invited to the old school MapleStory group on Facebook, I’ve been very distracted going through multiple posts and going through uber nostalgia feels…I wish I took more/knew the value of screenshots during my early days. I have so many memories associated with MapleStory before I quit 2 years ago.

I was able to reunite with a few friends that knew me years ago luckily! =) I’m still hoping to find my old friends from there that I know from up to a decade ago (yikes, that was when I was 12), I’m sad that I lost contact with them awhile ago before MSN converted to Skype/they stopped logging on overall.  I just hope that they’ll reach out to my posts on Facebook or even here somehow…



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