Update ahaha

My apologies for my lack of updates on my blog.

I have been terribly busy for a number of reasons since the fall, let alone the start of my winter semester last month.

Actually I just started my fourth university year a month ago precisely, which can mean only one thing: I am just starting my final stages of graduating from my school (potentially done next winter assuming there are no time table conflicts between my courses and I pass everything hoho).

Either way though, I am much more active on my Tumblr since my posts on there are more entertaining (though my reblogs are queued for the time being). I am definitely not stopping to use my WordPress, it’s just that I do not really have the time to invest into making a entries about stuff (E.g. Anime reviews)! ^^; I know that I just started my Reading Week this week (a week off from university, woo for us Canadians!) — unfortunately, I need this week to catch up on courses that I have deeply fell behind in with due to a number of reasons that occurred in the last month which affected my studies.

I’ll try to sneak in an entry or two whenever I can — I do have a lot of stuff to share that I’ve been into lately (E.g. Anime and Music).

I hope you guys understand!





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