Naruto Finale: Chapter 699 + 700 Thoughts

Holy shit, it ended.

Spoilers below the tag!

Before I go into my fan girl mode, I’m going to focus on the ending resolution first.

Even though I never thoroughly kept up with Naruto [by that, I mean that I stopped watching the anime fully after Part 1, I read spoiler summaries, watch key episodes/read key manga chapters/watch the spinoff anime], I am drowning in feels. I’ve only recently been re-following it again — I think it’s the only mainstream shonen series that I am truly interested in (other than DB, DBZ, DBGT).

Sasuke finally admitting defeat, accepting Naruto as his equal, and just finally relieving himself from all of the shit he’s been through –I don’t really know how to describe this but all I can say that I’m so happy that he’s finally back to smiling genuinely.

Team 7 finally being back together after all these years…and smiling all at last, together.

As for Naruto, doing anything for his best friend and going out the craziest lengths for him whilst never giving up on him nor hinted at doing so…THAT is true friendship right there. Naruto and Sasuke is definitely my favourite BROTP. He kept Sasuke’s forehead protector ever since he left the village for four to five years and he was finally able to return it.

Kay fan girl mode time.

NARUHINA AND SASUSAKU ARE CANON EEEEEEEEEEEEEK. <3 Omg I’ve been shipping these two pairings since grade 8 (12 years old at the time) and I’m in my third year of university (I’m 21 going on 22 this year). I never gave up on them or shipped them with another character but that ending is beyond satisfying. ShikaTema and SaiIno going canon as well? Hell yeah!…or should I say, shannaro! >v< The only OTP that didn’t come true is NejiTen out of reasonable circumstances (Neji noooooo T^T).

Okay I admit, I’ve been grinning like an idiot after I read this part in the final chapter Thursday morning before leaving for the bus:

The moment Sakura’s all been waiting for finally came.

I was screaming internally after seeing Sasuke poke Sakura’s forehead in that panel and smiling while at it too (I saw a leak of the panel before the manga officially ended). We all know Itachi would affectionately do this to his brother so often to show how much he loves him. Sasuke repeats what his brother did and does this to Sakura. For this situation I’d like to say that Sasuke is in love with Sakura and he shows it this way. He thanks her for loving him after all this time and never giving up on him, even though he made her go through so much pain and pushing her away (can’t really blame him after what he’s been through). I like the fact that he apologised especially to Sakura and I guess a part of that thank you was rooted for where she forgave him. Just like with how he expected Naruto to hate him after everything that  he’s done, he also expected Sakura to stop loving him after leaving the village. Like Naruto, Sakura never gave up on him either and saved him from darkness as well.

He may be going away to redeem himself but he promises to return to Sakura. The past two times Sakura tried to get him to stay with her (even reminding him that she still loves him) failed and for both times, he didn’t face her in the front. This time he actually faces forward to her and doesn’t call her annoying, as further proof that he indeed will return to her.

Ahh this is one of the main reasons why I ship SasuSaku so much. Sakura started out with a fan girl crush and eventually developed into unconditional, mature love for Sasuke. Her determination is so strong, everything that she went through for him (spending 2.5 years training to become stronger to get him back, researching for his whereabouts, resorting to killing him but she couldn’t because of love, still thinks about him during the war…so much to list) definitely paid off. TwT You would expect Sasuke to not reciprocate her feelings because of the curse of hatred he’s gone through and his aloofness towards his interest in women (+ his personality and seemed incapable of loving again of course). But bam! He ends up returning her feelings and they end up being together with a family he can finally have again. ;o;

And I’m just to post these shots randomly grabbed from tumblr. :’)

As for NaruHina…

Can’t exactly portray my thoughts about their relationship like the above quite yet since the movie hasn’t been out to show Naruto’s full answer to Hinata. However, the fact that they are canon and just their overall development in the anime and manga makes me happy enough. Naruto finally returning Hinata’s love is just ahfoesuoesifiseofs *_* The fact that the hero of the story fell in love with a supporting character (instead of your typical hero x main heroine which would be Sakura) is so meaningful in so many ways.

I love NaruHina so much because of Hinata’s long standing admiration for Naruto. She admires him for who he is rather than what he is.  Everyone starts admiring him after becoming a hero, Hinata loves him way before that even happened. She never thought of him as a monster or took pity on him, she looks to his good deeds that he has done and as a person as a priority. Hinata truly believed that he would become Hokage (and he did). She never stopped loving even though Naruto had feelings for Sakura. She became stronger as a person because of Naruto and was always there for him. In addition, I really like how Naruto admires her strength and never turns his back on her (although he was completely oblivious due to being the dork we all love xD).

Naruto is such a loving daddy and Hinata being such a wonderful mom. Naruto stating to Hinata she’d make a great wife someday when they were in their genin days and this comes true. ;w;

I’m definitely looking forward to The Last for the expansion of Naruto’s relationship with Hinata. I hope there’s more to SasuSaku too. ^^;





I might add more later, I really need to get back to studying; I have a midterm this Monday. T_T


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