Nobunaga the Fool ending thoughts

I’ve been meaning to write some type of review/reaction since it ended weeks ago.

I love this anime and it ended well.

Ahhhh so many feels from this anime! I can’t believe it ended. T__T

I don’t exactly understand why Nobunaga the Fool has gotten so many bad reviews on it…shouldn’t expect so  much on a new series that isn’t based on a manga and on a stageplay that isn’t even finished either. I mean sure, there are plenty of plotholes within in it but that’s honestly about it.

I also don’t understand the apparent popular hatred against Jeanne. How is she useless? She risked her life multiple times to protect Nobunaga, her comrades, and for other people (even if they hate her) — both during the times before and after she obtained Orleans. She  certainly didn’t “sit on the sidelines” but rather participated in battle and volunteers to go wherever Nobunaga goes. She may have defied what Nobunaga does because she did not understand his intentions but rather goes by what she thinks is best for others.

Here are the current plotholes from what I’ve observed:
– Just who exactly is King Arthur? What role did he even have besides from being a savior king imposter? Was he really sending voices to Jeanne?
– Chacha, Hatsu, and Gou – Why are they so loyal to Mitsuhide? We barely saw any development for them.
– How is Mitsuhide the savior king (not that it doesn’t make sense) if he was never given any regalia to hold anyway?
– What was Ichihime’s reaction towards Ranmaru’s true identity?
– What happened to Machiavelli? She was naked in Cesare’s room and he had a robe on…
– Who is Chandragupta? We didn’t even get to see much of him.
– Nell and Bianchi – Who are these two? Where did they come from and are they really only in for sadism for themselves?

I can go on but those would be the main ones so far.

I really hope they do some kind of OVA to explain the major plot holes and allow more character development…I’m itching for more info. *_*


Here’s a section dedicated to my OTPs…hehe. I ship Ichihime with Mitsuhide too but Caesar wins over for this one.

I’ll add more later oAo


3 thoughts on “Nobunaga the Fool ending thoughts

  1. Hi!

    I finished the show just today, and I must say I have some problems with Mitsuhide being the true savior, since he was nothing but a traitor of lieges and friendships. I’d rather have had Hideyoshi slaying him after Nobunaga’s death, it would have been a less bitter ending, and the similarities with history would have been nice too.

    But I can’t complain much. This anime had a messed up story, that leaves plenty of holes, not to mention the unclear stuff about lay lines and regalia. That said, it was spectacular. I love reinterpretation of historical characters and events, no matter how much they screw up :-D
    Moreover, there are some scenes I will hardly forget, like the favourite-character-skewer made by Neru or when Kenshin breaks the scene with his unreachable awesomeness…!

    I’m kind of new of the otaku world, so… do you have anything similar to suggest? Historical and pseudo-historical, serious and less-serious? I already had a go with Nobuna no Yabou, which is another I kinda liked.

    1. Hi there! Sorry for the super duper late reply, been awfully busy with schooling.

      I definitely agree with you! I thought Mitsuhide was a bit weird for being the Savior King — personally I thought Jeanne was better suited for it (we still haven’t seen her actually use a sword in the anime which is extremely weird).

      Same here, I love historical-interpreted animes too haha. And hell yeah, Kenshin! >D

      To be honest, I’m not exactly too sure what other similar animes there are to Nobunaga the Fool (my list is unfortunately, not updated enough as it is). I’d recommend Nobunagun for the pseudo-historical parts since it also deals with Oda Nobunaga but with other famous historical figures as well such as Jack the Ripper, Isaac Newton, etc. There might be some that may not be too obvious in the media (E.g. Antonio Gaudi). :D I should check out what you mentioned before, I’m pretty interested. =)

      1. I already knew when I checked out your latest updates. I’m glad you replied at all :-D

        Thinking of it, Jeanne really has never used her sword O_O
        This anime really needs an OVA or something!

        I’ll definitely check on Nobunagun, I didn’t know there was an anime too. I read the first couple of chapters of the manga, and even if I liked the protagonist I had no feeling with the drawing style. I’m going to see if the anime is any better, I want some weird history stuff again, after all this time ^_^

        Someone could say that Oda Nobuna no Yabou is the classic harem anime, but I found it very well done, charming, historically honest and the character are not that deep or original but awesome and pleasant. Give it a try :-)

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