Nobunagun – Final Episode


I AM SO SAD THAT THIS ANIME IS DONE. T_T Maybe the manga will continue but it’s barely getting out there…A lot of people were giving it negative feedback because of fan service (tbh, it’s kinda expected in a shonen anime and it didn’t bother me too much — as long as there’s a decent storyline with actual fight scenes in it, it’s forgiven)

As for spoilers hohoho.

(I’ll definitely make an anime recommendation post at another time)

So happy that my OTP is canon. ISFEHOISEFHOISE

I was kinda scared for Shio getting rejected for a moment when Adam told her that “she’s important to this world” because of his E-gene telling him that. And then all of a sudden, kiss scene! *v* He actually called her by her first name too! It was so cute when he blushed telling her that he kissed her on his own will. Shio ends up getting a nosebleed afterwards (LOL) — so typical of her to do. xD Bonus points to the kiss scene for having humour in it too since it just made that juxtaposition of having a fluffy confession. I’ve been shipping these two since episode 4 (oops not guilty hehe)…I really like their interactions with each other.

The last episode was definitely good overall, I loved the humor in it haha (E.g. Galileo’s bishonen impression of Vidocq, Hunter ends up taking out the most Invasion Objects, Capa + Gaudi + Gaundi being peeping toms). Esui’s face is so pretty! Asao reminding Shio in a dream that she isn’t alone (so sweet!) and she actually has friends (from the platoons and her herself) even though Shio says she “isn’t cut out for being in groups.”

I really wish this anime continues — I want to know more about the other platoons! D;


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