Hakuouki: Memories of the Shinsengumi 3DS

Photo set here.

I actually picked up my limited edition pre-order last week on its release day (Sept.30). Also managed to pick up a copy of Hyrule Historia which I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for. But good grief…98 dollars spent after school is depressing. Oh well *rolls over*

I finished going through all of the characters yesterday (it would’ve taken me less than a week had it not been for hugeass art assignments and work). The first path I got was Kazama because I tried to follow the anime path as closely as I can and ended up getting him (if you don’t choose a guy, he’s the default character) but I stopped at chapter 5. HE DOESN’T COUNT FOR A FIRST CHARACTER SINCE I DIDN’T CHOOSE OKAY? LOLOL.  I chose Harada as my first, then Hijikata, Heisuke, Kazama (continued) Saito, and Souji. *_* I got each of the guys without a single bad ending except for Saito and Souji; I made one tiny mistake with the decision making for the both of them but on the second try I got them. No guides used, just referencing based off of the anime helps a lot! =D

I had way too many feels during the game play for so many of the characters. T___T

I’ll write up a review and more of my reactions in a future post. |D


2 thoughts on “Hakuouki: Memories of the Shinsengumi 3DS

  1. um hi! yeah actually i wanted to ask if u don’t mind…ive been playing this game over and over but for some god damn reason i keep getting the bad ends T-T ( mostly on saito) i really feel like throwing my DS in the air sometimes XP i get the bad end mostly on chap 7. and seriously i dont know what to do! so i was wondering could ya lend a hand? thanks sorry for the rambling.

    1. Hi nanadive!

      I don’t have a walk through of the game since I don’t record on what to do…>_< I go by my best thoughts for dialogue selections. I know that you must have a certain amount of love points before getting the good ending. You also must have the maximum amount of love points for your chosen mate before the start of Chapter 4; otherwise, you're stuck in a loophole for post chapters (this happened for me when I was finishing Souji's route…LOL).

      The blood lust scenes requires a bit of thinking. Personally I would give the guy medicine two to three times before I start giving him blood (giving too much blood or making him endure it the entire time isn't good).

      For the full walk through, see here

      It's the PS2 version so it may not be accurate for the 3DS.

      Hope this helps!

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