The Abandoned Maple World Discovery – Part 7

The Cygnus and Talelsian Knights arrived in the joyous Town of Talelsia, the city capital of this side of the Maple World. Ralphius’s troops looked around their surroundings, admiring the Medieval scenery in this place. There were merchants making, selling, and buying a variety of goods ranging from armors, weapons, foods, clothing, and so much more. Children were playing around near the fountain in the town with people doing a variety of activities such as singing, dancing, instrument playing, fencing, jousting, and painting. It was nothing like they have seen before on their side of the Maple World.

Eventually they went up to the gates of the Talelsian Castle, it was just as grande as Magnus’s citadel in Helisium! The large gates of the castle opened and the group embraced the interiors of the castle. It was a beauty to many, with stained glass windows of the greatest knights who have served in the army. The luscious red carpet in The Great Hall was eye catching and nice to walk on. There are knights everywhere within the castle performing their guarding duties in their beautiful, silver coloured armor. Eventually the group was approaching near to the throne room while eyeballing at the paintings of the previous lords and ladies who have served the kings and queens of the past being near the throne room’s doors.

The guards of the throne room gates greeted the Talelsian Knights, and they introduced Ralphius’s troops. They agreed to let them in, the large golden covered gates slowly opened, and up ahead was more distance covered of the luscious red carpet, leading up to a large platform with several stair steps leading up to the throne chair. A young woman was sitting in the chair with three people beside her.

As the group of knights approached to her audience, they kneeled before the Queen. The Cygnus Knight group followed the same pose that the other knights were doing, assuming that this is how they greet their royalty in this land.

“Your Majesty,” said the bulky knight. “I apologise for this sudden rush of news as I have mentioned to you through a messenger earlier.”

The Queen spoke her words, “There is no need for apologies Sir Adward. These people over here need our help.”

She doned in a beautiful, luminous royal red dress with a strong violet hair strands that are in curls on both sides of her ivory face cheeks. Her lipstick was that of a rosy pink tone with an arch of a sleepy blue eye shadow over her fair, blush pink eyes. She really looked regal, probably even as beautiful as the Empress. She didn’t look like she’s a child at all either.

“I am Queen Enelie, the latest descendent of the Royal Talelsian family bloodline and ruler of Jeirante. Who are you people and how may we help you?” remarked the Queen, as she sat that in all her regal aura.

“We are the Knights of Empress Cygnus. I am Ralphius, I just happen to be the captain of this troop.”

The Queen’s eyes widened, she looked pretty shocked.

“You people are the Cygnus Knights?!” gasped Enelie. “They have not visited this side of the Maple World for hundreds of years, ever since the Jeirante Terror War. How did you get here?”

The Cygnus Knights group was shocked that this woman knows about the Cygnus Knights. That goes without saying that they explained everything in detail to the Queen, from the command from the Empress up to the point where the Talelsian Knights have found them.

“I see…so the new Empress is Cygnus. I am sure she has been running her side of the world just fine” said the Queen.

“You guys were saying that there was a distortion space from the area you have entered our side of the world correct?” asked a man in long robes with a scythe.

The group nodded.


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