The Abandoned Maple World Discovery – Part 6

Before she was able to finish up the last incantation of her spell, an arrows of light were shot into the ground at Tiffini and her bodyguards.

“Drats, it’s them!” sulked Tiffini “That stupid Queen’s knights had to ruin our fun, this is no fair!”

The bodyguards released Ralphius and the three have summoned a floating carriage that’s finely decorated as if it belonged to doll house, knowing that they had retreat.

“This isn’t the last of what you’ll see of me Cygnus Knights! I WILL take you as my groom Ralphius,” declared Tiffini as the carriage floats away into the distance and disappears.

Before the Ralphius was about to run over to the collape sed cave in hopes of retrieving Erigene, he was stopped by a group of medieval looking knights.

“Halt! Why were you people with Tiffini the Spoiled?” demanded by a large knight in armor in a serious tone. “What business did you have in her territory? You should very well know that this place is forbidden to be at, unless you’re affiliated with The Malice”

The Cygnus Knights were paralyzed in their movements, they were scared to make a move as they fear that this group may pose a threat upon them.

“We’ve never even heard of this Malice and we were betrayed by that girl. Now please leave us alone, we have a comrade’s body to retrieve from the cave…” answered Ralphius in sorrow, as he struggled to pull out a rock from the cave entrance but fails due to the lack of strength.

“Your friend will be fine,” said the knight in metal armor. “State who you people are and where you come from.”

“What? What do you mean she will be fine? I’ve seen Erigene DIE under that rubble. How dare you said she’ll be fine! You don’t know how I feel about losing her.”

The heavy, bulky armored knight sighed, “Sir calm down and come with us, our Queen will explain everything to you.”

“And how would we know that you’ll betray us too like that girl?!” raised in suspicion by Ralphius.

“By knowing that The Malice AND the Black Wings are our enemies and we share the same enemies as well.” Answered a tall, skinny knight sternly. “We are the Talelsian Knights, we come from the main continent of this side of the Maple World of Jeirante ruled by our Queen. We will provide transportation for you guys to her audience immediately.”

Ralphius and his Cygnus Knights awkwardly agreed to the Talelsian Knights demands, and arrived in Jeirante.


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