Art Update for once!

Hi guys! Just taking a short break from the flow of fanfiction that I’ve been posting haha. I’ve finally done a CG for once…sorry for being lazy/busy with school work. My spring finals have just been spewing in with a summer course to be juggling with as well.

Enjoy! =x


2 thoughts on “Art Update for once!

  1. The royal hairs obviously look better, no matter what you do with the other old hairstyles. Those royal hairs look best imo.

    1. I believe you commented on the wrong post but I know which one you are talking about lol.

      This is a matter of everyone’s opinions~I believe both VIP/EXP AND royal hairstyles have the potential of looking great, as long so as they are combined with good outfit coordinations. That is what I am trying to say.

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