The Abandoned Maple World Discovery – Part 5

“ERIGENE!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouted her name by Ralphius as he started to shed his tears. Behind him came out laughter and he furiously turned around to see Tiffini and her bodyguards, surrounded by the Cygnus Knights.


Tiffini giggled and confessed. “Haha, you guys really thought I’m the princess of Jeirante? Cygnus Knights really are fools, it’s exactly like what they told me!”

“They? Who’s they?” wondered a knight.

“The Black Wings of course!” replied Tiffini.

The grieving group immediately turned to anger, after they have heard her response.

“I plan to overthrow the throne of the Queen of Jeirante and become their ruler” laughed Tiffini. “I’ve no idea how you guys got here but these Black Wings people told me that they came here from your land.”

“(So that’s why the Black Wings were in Edelstein’s mountain area!)”

“Why in the world did you want that crystal so badly?” asked another knight.

“Because we like money and we’ll do anything to get it. I promised to destroy the Maple Alliance for the Black Wings in exchange for riches, I’ve been wanting more lolita dresses they’re so expensive! I had to find some way to lure you guys into that cave,” sighed the girl.

“(We? Who’s we?”)” thought curiously to himself by Ralphius.

“Anyway, it’s time for all of you to die along with that annoying girl. Ralphius, I want you and you’re going to be my prince!” stated Tiffini with a malicious voice tone.

The girl pulled out a beautiful looking wand that looks perfectly suited for a princess. She started to chant a long spell to demolish her foes with her bodyguards fighting with the Cygnus Knights, where as it looks like they are losing because of their fatigue from the cave.

“Good bye Cygnus Knights, thanks for helping me find this ruby.” mocked Tiffini in a stern voice.


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