The Abandoned Maple World Discovery – Part 4

The group eventually came across the cave Tiffini was talking about. The girl hesitated to step into the cave out of her supposed fear so she decided to grab a hold of Ralphius’s hand to guide her. Erigene cringed her eyes at the sight of this bonding, she felt betrayed. After a long journey within the cave, they finally reached their destination.

“Eee! It’s over there!” squealed Tiffini with excitement cutely. She ran over to the alter and picked up the sparkling crystal. “This is the Everlasting Ruby…thank you for finding it Cygnus Knights! Especially you Ralphius, you’re so helpful!” She grabbed hold of his face and pressed her lips against his. The troop awed in delight, being so happy that they helped the ruler of this side of the world and some of them started to guilt trip Erigene for trying to scour the girl earlier. Erigene watched in horror and started to cry in the distance while Ralphius was telling his knights to stop and blushing over the princess’s kiss.

“I…I can’t take this anymore. I’m going back to the Maple World and tell the Empress that I no longer wish to be a Cygnus Knight!” cried Erigene and she started to run. Ralphius came after her but Tiffini clinged onto him, begging him to protect the princess.

However before they were able to make much progress, the cave started to rumble and its ceiling started to collapse onto the ground. The group was running towards the entrance but not long before two figures appeared in the middle of their path.

“Princess Tiffini!” greeted the dual figures. “We have come to retrieve you!”

The Cygnus Knights watched in confusion but pleaded everyone to keep running. The group agreed…except for Tiffini and her affiliates.

“I don’t think the rest of us are going to make it!” cried out Tiffini.

“Don’t worry princess, we will make it out of here!” reassured Ralphius.

“Haha nope! Only you, my bodyguards, and myself will only make it out of here alive,” said Tiffini sternly “You’re going to be my prince and we will take over this side of the world together!”

The two bodyguards set a net trap for the Cygnus Knights and everyone has gotten caught.

“You traitors!” shouted the knights in anger. The bodyguards took Tiffini, Ralphius, and themselves outside.

“Why did you do that for princess?! Those were my friends!” screamed Ralphius.

“What? I didn’t do it!” said the girl innocently.

Ralphius snapped out of it and glared at the girl, and ran back into the collapsing cave to retrieve his knights. The net was tough to break apart but he was only able to tear apart a small section of the net apart, big enough for the human body to pass through. One by one, they came out of the net and ran outside; the knights who ran outside did not see Tiffini and her bodyguards outside of the entrance and started searching for her in anger. The last person who has gotten out of the net was Erigene, who refused to be helped up by her leader but they both started to make a run for it.

“Erigene!” shouted Ralphius “I’m sorry about before! You were right all long, I should’ve listened to you!”

“Not my problem anymore, I’m not longer the part of the Cygnus Knights!” yelled Erigene who was still upset from before.

“Erigene, Cygnus Knights is nothing without you,” said Ralphius “Come on, let’s get out of here together!”

As Ralphius started to run, he tripped; the cave is almost done for. He slowly got up with the help from Erigene but as she noticed debris was going to fall from the ceiling, she pushed Ralphius out of the way and out of the entrance while taking the hit. The leader was shocked from what she had done.

“Erigene!!” called out by Ralphius, “Why? Why did you do that? You could’ve made it out of there with me!”

“You idiot…it’s not only because you’re the captain of the group, the main reason is actually-“ sighed Erigene while the cave collapsed onto the woman before she was able to finish.


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