The Abandoned Maple World Discovery – Part 3

They all agreed with that conclusion and thought about how they were going to get back. They tried the same method as they have done before but there was no distorted space like last time. Most of the knights were getting worried but the leader reassured them that they will find a way back. But right now, they have decided to explore deeper in the area under the starry night sky. One of them happened to notice the full moon hanging up among the stars, it is the same moon that they have saw when they were near the Edelstein Mines.

“Who goes there?!” shouted a girl’s voice.

The Cygnus Knights troop have stopped and stood on their guard. Out comes from layers of rock was a cute girl dressed in a frilly princess lolita attire with two figures in the background, with Erigene noticing their prescence. The girl glanced at the knights, observing their clothing attire. Her eyes were set on their leader, instantly becoming attracted to his handsome looks, possibly developing a crush on him. Nonetheless, the girl greeted them.

“You don’t look dangerous…who are you guys?” asked the girl.

“We are the Knights of Empress Cygnus, the ruler of Maple World,” answered Ralphius “Do you know where we are? We went through this weird looking space from our world and ended up here.”

“Oooh!” squealed the girl, “You guys must be new here! You should come with me-“

“Now wait a second, we just asked where we are and why is a cute girl like you doing in such a rough mountain terranean?” asked Ralphius.

Erigene did not like the sounds of his comment, let alone she’s getting suspicious of this girl’s actions.

“Awws why do you have to be such a big meanie? You never told me your name!” whimpered the princess like girl, the knights were getting charmed by the girl already.

“Oh I’m sorry, my name is Ralphius captain of this troop” replied Ralphius formally.

“It’s nice to meet you, hehe! My name is Tiffini, the ruler and princess of the star continent on this side of the Maple World!” greeted the princess lolita like girl. The knights were definitely onto her cute looks except for Erigene.

“Well to answer your first question…I’m searching for a really pretty crystal for my continent’s illness, they are dying of an illness and I’m the only one who can utilize its power and fix everything…Will you guys pretty please help me find it? My papa and mama are dying!” begged by Tiffini. “I’ll tell you where you are if you help me…”

“How about no? You’re already suspicious enough that you didn’t help us first” said Erigene sternly, with her follow companions glaring at her behaviour.

“Waaaah!” Tiffini hides behind Ralphius, clinging onto his back. “Why do you have to be so scary? I just want to save every body!” The girl had streams running down her cheeks and then hugged their leader, with her face buried into his neck collar.

The troop of knights couldn’t help but to submit into her cuteness so they decided to help her find the crystal. Ralphius threatens to report to the Empress of Erigene’s misbahviour and the rest of the group shunned her. She reluctantly agreed, tailing behind the knights and watching Ralphius from the back with Tiffini clinging onto her target of affection, brokenhearted.


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