The Abandoned Maple World Discovery – Part 2

As the Cygnus Knights troops were organising themselves into two group formations of the patrol and scavenger group, their mission eventually started with an altered path that disobeyed the Empress’s orders — hopefully they will be able to find something to compensate for their rebellious actions.

As the patrol group is standing on guard and the scavenger group is scurrying around the area, no one has been able to look for anything for hours. Afterall, the mountainous terranean is huge and it would be impossible to tell if they really are going around in circles.

“Maybe Ghabbie was right about the group of explorers walking around in circles. We’ve been looking at nothing but the same rocks over and over again,” said one knight.

Ralphius tried not to play on the factor of giving up. He looked around in the area closely but can’t help to stare deep off in the distance. His eyes were squinting, he felt something odd about the mountain path.

“Sir? Is there something the matter?” questioned the knight.

“Not really. Does anyone see anything odd in the area in front of you at a far distance?” asked Ralphius.

“Now that you mention it, I see something in the distance. The space around it is…distorting itself” observed the knight.

The path beyond them had awkward movements, as if the space around the rocks were bending them. They concluded that they could not see the distorted space because they kept moving themselves down the path. One of the knights seemed to be a bit nervous as the distorted space was getting closer to them, inch by inch.

“Um…guys, that distortion space is getting closer…shouldn’t we be worried?” Said the knight.

“I will take the risk of what happens if it comes in contact” stated Ralphius in bravery.

“No, we will go together with you sir!” said one knight, with the others agreeing.

“But we can’t risk all of us to be killed” answered Ralphius.

“Sir, we can’t risk you going alone out there…who knows what will happen? What if I-I lose y-“ replied one of the female Cygnus Knights, who just happens to have a timid crush on the man.

“Erigene, you won’t lose your ranking from Cygnus if we return I promise you” answered back from Ralphius with confidence, though the female knight was nonetheless disappointed that she wasn’t able to finish her sentence of indirect confession.

The knights finally agreed and stood and waited patiently for the distorted space to make contact with them and so it did. The knights felt a bit of a rush when the contact was made but overall, no one was hurt. The distorted space was gone and the knights looked around. The rock formation of the mountains are different and there was certainly a different pathway up in front of them.

“Sir…I don’t think we’re in Edelstein anymore..actually, I don’t even think we’re in Maple World” concluded a knight.



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