The Abandoned Maple World Discovery – Part 1

On a late breezy night, a troop of Cygnus Knights with their leader Ralphius were sent to the eastern borders of Edelstein under the suspection of constant Black Wings activity in the area after their actions were recently discovered.

The knights were sitting on a formation of rocks drinking a bottles of Elixirs for the long night. They were all relaxing during their break and had a discussion what they should do next and eventually led to the topic about the lands of Maple World. One particular knight asked, “Have you guys ever wondered what’s beyond these mountains of Edelstein? Or even what’s beyond the areas of the current Maple World?”

They all stopped their chattering and looked at each other.

“Well…no because there’s nothing there.” said a knight.

“Are you sure there’s nothing there? There has got to be something out there.” said another.

“I heard that a group of explorers tried to go beyond the lands around here and never came back.” said another knight again.

“Yeah but what about the others that did?” questioned another knight.

“Oh THOSE people? I heard that some people went around in circles in the Edelstein mountains, every time they made an attempt to explore any further, they would end up back to where they started.” answered one knight.

“That’s not what I heard, a group of explorers who sailed on the east waters of Mu Lung said they kept going east but then ended up all the way at Rien.” confronted by another.

“Why should we even care about this matter? People gave this up hundreds of years ago, it’s impossible.” sulked another.

The troop of Cygnus Knights argued for quite awhile and their break time was almost over before they even realise it. Ralphius interrupted.

“Everyone calm down. If we’re so curious about this matter, I’d say we consult the Empress about it after our duty is done here. I’m sure she knows something about this strange phenomena.”

“I disagree sir. Why don’t we find out ourselves?” said one knight.

“That means we’ll be disobeying her orders! That’s strictly against the Cygnus Knight code!” bailed Ralphius. “We have no reason to make our own decisions against the Empress.”

“And what if the Black Wings show up in this area? What is they surround this mountainous site just like what they did with Edelstein and the mines? Why do you think there’s been constant Black Wings activity in this area in the first place?” stood up by another knight.

Ralphius backed out from those questions and gave in a deep thought for a few minutes. The surrounding Cygnus Knights were eagerly waiting for his response. The tall, navy blue haired man stood up and said this:

“Alright then my fellow subordinates. We will take action in wondering around this area but a number of you will be staying here, on patrol to make sure none of the Black Wings members are around.”

The troop of Cygnus Knights agreed and proceeded with their orders.


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