Anime: Finished Lovely Complex

Omg I love this anime so much. IUESHIUKAKJSDHFKJSF

I just finished the last few episodes today (been extremely busy this week, still got my papers to finish and exams to study for TmT). I totally would recommend it to anyone who loves comedy with romance on the other hand. I generally avoid school/slice of life animes because they tend to bore me out but here’s another exception added to the list lol. I LMAO’d irl way too many times while I was watching as well as dealing with so many feels (Risa is so awesome and I can totally relate to her).

The art style is a bit awkward sometimes (it’s bearable) but I guess you can’t blame Toei Animation for doing old school animes for so long — however, the content mostly matters in this. =) I totally recommend watching it!


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