Just watched the Equestria Girls film

I know that I have put off MLP for many months now since the third season ended, I finally brought myself the film out of boredom (I’m trying to “forget” about MLP so I don’t feel so impatient for the fourth season to tell you the truth).

I absolutely love it!

The designs are cool in my book, I still don’t get why people are still bawing about the humanized versions of the ponies; I think it’s absolutely fine. Though I do have my criticism for the Mane 6’s designs — especially for RD and AJ, they shouldn’t be wearing skirts due to their tomboyish behaviors. Twilight + Rarity are good in my book, Fluttershy is okay but she would’ve been more reserved, Pinkie Pie understandable to an extent but could’ve been done better. Their designs remind me too much of BRATZ overall though.

Minor spoilers below the cut…

Since there was a girl that was mentioned who looked like Twilight’s human version who has a dog named Spike, I would’ve love to have seen Shining Armor and Cadence’s human versions in this. Same goes for if that girl ever meets or met the human Mane 6.


Twilight is just so freaking adorable whenever she blushes in the show, especially during the film as well. When she was learning how to behave and move like a human — ahhh! *dies from cuteness*

And yup, another OTP from MLP (the only other one being Shining + Cadence). It’s so cute when the shine in his eyes “shine” when he helps Twilight get back up and she’s all like “Who is he?~” while blushing and her friends tease her for having a crush on him. xD Sure wish they had more pony interaction though.

I definitely don’t see Hasbro making them canon…not to mention that Flash won’t be a character in season four according to the show’s script writer.


It’s not because if he’s going to be a character he’s “just there to be Twilight’s romantic interest,” it’s because of the lack of the overall supporting male cast in MLP (NOT counting background ponies). I like him, I don’t get why bronies are all so against Flash Sentry. @_@ If he’s not going to be a character, my only least requested stance is to make him have a cameo appearance. Oh well…Hasbro after all, did say they’re going to start being more controlling in season four in a post that I don’t remember though. u_u


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