Ongoing animes that came to an end

(sorry just mooching off images from tumblr because I’m lazy, mainly screenshots + official artwork belongs to their respectful owners)

SPOILERS INCLUDED (specifically for Devil Survivor 2, everything is spoiler free =w=)

Let’s start off with Karneval!

OMG I WANT A SECOND SEASON BUT I DON’T THINK THEY’LL MAKE ANOTHER (See last episode name). T__T The anime is so freaking gorgeous, I cannot stress that fact enough. It’s a definite must watch, especially for those who like the fantasy genre types of anime. Ahhh! ;o; I wish there was more in depth for the other characters and their backgrounds (why did they join Circus and what not).

Uta no Prince-Sama Season 2

I really enjoyed watching this anime, I have a knack for musicals with catchy songs. The animation art is so unique, I’m obsessed with colourful anime OFISEHOSEFOISE. The characters are very likeable as well. *_*  I’m totally not sure if they’ll release another season but I probably don’t think they will be (I haven’t read clear detailing with the game reviews to guess). If they do, I hope Haruka ends up with Ittoki; I feel like he has the most character development with her (Masato would come second). ;w;

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

I definitely believe they’ll release a second season for this anime due to the hinting at the last episode. I can’t wait for more character stories behind everyone else. There is minimal fan service involved with the anime which is okay (there might be some parts that people will find reaaaaally creepy though, I admit that lol orz) — story wise, it’s likeable. =]

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

I admit that I kinda got bored in some scenes but it’s decent enough for me. The animation art is good — I actually want to try out the game for more story in depth. o.o Any who, I think it perfectly makes sense to leave it off at 13 episodes; the main thing that bothered me about the ending was that the friends that everyone made along their journey don’t remember each other at all (except for a few like Alcor and Yamato). ;w;


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