My reaction towards SSB: WiiU/3DS + Pokemon XY

Yep lol.

Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS


The Villager seems pretty cool. Also, I cannot resist sharing these funny photo sets of him that made a crap ton of notes within hours. LOL

Here’s one and another.

As for the Wii Fit Trainer, I was surprised that Sakurai would add her in despite that she’s an odd addition…probably because they want more females in the player selection; Princess Peach, Samus, Princess Zelda, and Nana (well not exactly a full female playable) were the only candidates since Melee (Samus since the original) and will most likely make their return again for the new SSB. And I LMFAO’d at her final smash, I like her a lot so far though. ^_^

Speaking of female smash bros characters and going off topic, there IS one character that I’m rooting for to be in this SSB. Guess who might that be?

Krystal from the Star Fox series! This is the only one of the few characters that I can realistically see being in a SSB game. According to some of my sources, she was voted as one of the popular characters that fans would like to see her in a Smash Bros game and that she jokingly wanted to join in (from the Arwing transmitter). Although there has been no Star Fox Wii games (come on Nintendo, the Star Fox series needs more love!), she’s a good candidate for the game.

Her move set would be unique and not be a Star Fox altered moveset copy like Falco + Wolf. She would be fighting with her staff from Star Fox Adventures and use its associated skills that Fox gained for fighting; it would also make sense that Krystal already inherits these abilities as well seeing that she used the Fire Blaster on Andross in Adventures.

Her moveset would be like this…

  • Down + B = (Super) Ground Quake – Obvious, hits the ground for the stage Fox slams the staff onto the ground in Adventures.
  • Up + B  = Rocket Boost – In Adventures, the staff was used to insert into certain areas of the ground with holes and boosts Fox up onto a higher elevation. This would obviously be her jump boost.
  • B = Fire Blaster – B moves are generally used for quick, special attacks unique to the character and this is spammable in Adventures like Fox’s laser gun for long range attacks.
  • Left/Right + B = Ice Blaster – This move would freeze enemies in front of Krystal and it’s generally aimed straight across from the user. It can be aimed in any direction as well within a distance, just like in Adventures.
  • Regular attacks = Fox’s staff combat in Adventures – Make sense right?
  • Final Smash = ??? I’m honestly not too sure about this one, I wouldn’t use the Landmaster because that’s overdone by Fox, Falco, and Wolf in Brawl…Same said for the Arwing, Krystal’s just not that experienced with it in Assault (she may have improved in Command). =/ I also wouldn’t use the other staff move Portal Opener because that just doesn’t make sense as a Final Smash, its purpose is only to open locked doors on Sauria. Maybe riding on one of the Saurian dinosaurs like Fox did in Adventures and attacking with them as a final smash?
  • Shield = Staff Shield in Adventures, it’s unique and better than the bubble shields in SSB. :P
  • Taunt = Idk lol
  • Good mobility like her stats are in Assault, good speed + strength for attacks (she’s experienced with her staff, it would make sense for her to attack at an above average speed), poor defense with low health and easily gets knocked over like Zelda (makes sense since her defenses + HP are the lowest in Assault)

Outfit wise, she would use her Assault outfit (I really don’t like her Command look…it just looks so tacky). Why not the Adventures outfit? Well…it’s rather too revealing to battle with (you don’t see other characters having revealing outfits) and I’d imagine the perverted furries to, um, yeah. Her Assault outfit is perfect to use since she can move freely with it like she can for ground combat in Assault. It’s pretty much her best looking attire of all of her appearances.

I hope she’s a newcomer, she is absolutely perfect for the Smash Bros usage with her move set + her stats. *crosses fingers*


Anyways Pokemon…

So the Fairy type is real after all. My proposed Air type went down the drain, OH WELLSSSS.

I see the relationship for fairies being strong against Dragons and weak against Poison but I still don’t see its relationship with it being strong against Ice. @_@ The Sylph part of the name for Sylveon should’ve been related to air — it may be a fairy but the air element still makes most of the contributions.

All the joy to ending the OP rampage of Dragon types, I really hate fighting dual types that makes ice neutral like Kingdra and Palkia. >_>


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