Mythological Gods featured in MapleStory (Fanfiction)

Here are the list of gods and goddesses featured in my MapleStory fan fiction relating to Stratoem. I mostly altered the relationships between these guys just to keep things appropriate for the matter (E.g. Nyx is Aether’s mother and his consort is Gaia LOL); they aren’t related to each other unless stated. Same said for the roles.

The Unity Gods, the true rulers of all gods residing in the Realm of Systyl

  • Helios + Hemera = Warizno, god of the day
    – Celestial Symbol = Suntoros
  • Nyx + Selene = Cyless, goddess of the night
    – Celestial Symbol = Heline
  • Poseidon = Aquatos, god of the ocean (NOT to be confused as the Thunder Breaker’s God of the Sea skill because the ocean is a larger body of water than the sea hence greater in power)
    – Celestial Symbol = Seidus
  • Gaia + Rhea = Rhea, goddess of nature
    – Celestial Symbol = Vallonia (I do realise that it’s actually a species of a snail but it still makes sense)
  • Aether, god of the sky
    – Celestial Symbol = Ventus
  • Eunomia, goddess of the law
    – Celestial Symbol = Lizael

The Other Gods

  • Aphrodite, goddess of love
  • Hades, god of the underworld
  • Vulcan (Roman), the god of fire and craftsmanship
  • Mephitis (Roman), goddess of poison
  • Hermes, the messenger god
  • Ares, god of war
  • Enyo, goddess of war
  • Raijin (Japanese), god of lightning
  • Khione, goddess of ice (in the actual myths, she’s snow)
  • Erebus, god of darkness
  • Hyperion, god of light

Minor Gods (not as in high ranking); the ones who serve as advisers to their superiors (for some of them)

  • Zephyrus, god of spring (the west wind)
  • Notus, god of summer (the south wind)
  • Eurus, god of fall (the east wind)
  • Boreas, god of winter (north wind, married Orithyia, Khione is their daughter)
  • Flora (Roman), goddess of flowers
  • Hercules (Roman version), god of strength
  • Juturna (Roman), goddess of wells, springs, and fountains
  • Portunes (Roman), god of keys and doors
  • Lenus (Celtic), god of healing
  • Suijin (Japanese), god of water (a bit redundant since “Poseidon” is already here)


  • Apate, Fallen Queen of the Angels and deceit. She is the older sister of Veritas and was the co-ruler of the Angels who used to have the power of truth. She was banished from the heavenly land of Stratoem because tried to convince to the residents that Hades was behind in the destruction of the original Tower of the Celestials. But in fact, it was actually her that destroyed the original Tower of the Celestials. She basically deceived everyone around her in an attempt to become a goddess. This angered the Unity Gods into reversing her wings and exiled her from Stratoem. Apate now resides in the realm of Nibelitun, building up in power and magic while recruiting stray Fallen Angels who are looking for revenge against Stratoem…perhaps she already became a goddess because of the amount of deceit she’s done.
  • Veritas, Queen of the Angels and truth. She is the truthful younger sister of Apate and co-ruled the Angels with her until she was exiled. She has the power to reveal the truth, which pretty much helped prove that Hades was innocent behind the destruction of the original Tower of the Celestials.
  • Zachrie, demi-god of union and victory. The only demi-god to not have any influences by actual mythological gods.

Fun facts!:

  • There is no Zeus or Hera for my fan fiction because once again, it deals with the sentence that I stated at the beginning (E.g. Zeus being a manwh0re). I’d rather not have the ruler of the universe because that just means he can easily overdo the villains and I want the Stratoem Gods to be kept out of it. Same said for keeping the balance of the Maple World which means they’re not necessarily siding with the good guys or the bad guys. Hera is the goddess of marriage, I already have Aphrodite to fulfill the marriage contributions for love.
  • Known gods in MapleStory: Minerva already serves as the goddess of wisdom, Rhinne already serves as the goddess of time. Each of them have their own dedicated place towards them (Orbis Tower + Temple of Time) and they’re more interactive with the beings on the Maple World. For my fanfiction, Minerva is given a bigger role than just being a damsel in distress in Orbis.
    – Fanfiction part: Zachrie also has an area dedicated to him as well, Old Talelsia castle for that.
  • Stratoem Gods only deals with the Maple World, there’s a set of different gods for Grandis (home of Pantheon + Helisium).
  • Only the Unity Gods can allow a Celestial to become a god. However, there are very rare circumstances when a Celestial becomes a god through enormous power.
  • Angels have a different role other than the stereotypical Christian depiction (this is to avoid strong religious matter); they’re actually a race different from the Celestials but they’re allied with them. Basically they also serve as part of the Celestial Army.
  • Angels who violate the laws of Stratoem have their wings reversed and turned dark, making them unable to fly back up to the land because they’re banished. They are known to be the Fallen Angels.

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