[GMS] MapleStory Patch Notes v.150

(obviously fake and unprofessional looking)


“The Maple World will become even more of a beautiful place, I will be gladly to assist those to enhance their looks to glory!”

You might be wondering who this beautiful woman is — she is none other than the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite! She’s been doing a lot of good deeds to the world out in the open since the portal to the Celestial Land of Stratoem has been discovered (for both good and bad) MapleStory has finally brought in Stratoem’s Beauty Parlor as well as plenty of colour fixations and additions to existing for hairstyles and faces.

Here are the patch notes [click to enlarge]:

That isn’t all folks, we also have new hairstyles (I didn’t bother drawing the styled faces because that’s pretty complicated to make differentiations from the existing faces and they’ll only be best shown in sprite form which I can’t do for life).

[Click to enlarge]

That’s all Aphrodite has brought to us for now! There’s even a hint of an upcoming wedding revamp since the goddess appeared, I wonder how beneficial this revamp will be? Haha.


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