Marksman Hyper Skills

Today’s the day that GMS finally gets their hyperskills for the non-hero+Nova classes (it’s about time) so I’ll be telling you guys what to distribute (MARKSMAN ONLY). The skills marked with *s are an absolute must for all MMs for self-explanatory reasons. The rest is really up to you, my build is once again personal.

Stat boost (6 points):

  • * Hyper HP
  • * Hyper DEX
  • * Hyper STR
  • Hyper Critical
  • Hyper MP
  • Hyper Speed

The Hyper DEF and Hyper MDEF are the only other best options other than the ones listed for us but they only add +500 each which really doesn’t reduce a lot of damage taken. However, if your HP is low go for the Hyper DEF/MDEF skills; I personally don’t need to worry about them since I have 20.5k HP with Hyper HP so I don’t really need to worry about dying too much.

I have Hyper Critical because it allows me to go up to 99% Crit in total (Crit ring + Level 1 Phantom skill + MM SS card + Max SE). Of course, I could’ve had Bullseye finishing it off with 100% crit instead but I really do not want to rely on this skill for 100% crit just for only 30 seconds of my time with a CD of 90 seconds. =/

I have Hyper Speed because I chose it over the Hyper DEFs skills, I lost a good portion of my speed thanks to changing of equips among these years. Even though I’m at 155% speed, it’s still pretty good to me personally. As you can tell, I’m obsessed with movement speed; of course, I can always get Haste from a thief but once again, I don’t want to rely on people.

Passive Skills (5 points)

  • * Sniping – Cooltime Reduce
  • * Sniping – Reinforce
  • * Sniping – Bonus Attack
  • Piercing – Reinforce
  • Piercing – Bonus Attack

Woo, we’ve finally got a no CD Sniping! This is the part where MMs truly deliver their heavy damage dealing to 1 vs 1 targets. Obviously you punch those skill points into all Sniping Hyper boosts to enable yourself to do 510% x 10 = 5100% per hit. This allows losers like me to hit max cap (999,999; I know it can exceed but w/e) much easier than before though I can only do that on bosses with no DEF resistance…

Piercing – I’ve been hearing from several other MMs that they’re punching in those extra 2 points into Frostprey Reinforce + Bonus Attack instead. Well personally, I don’t like relying on a summon to attack for me regardless of the fact that Frostprey attacks faster + more often than before. I’d rather take 280% x 7 = 1960% from PA than FP for my personal game play.

Piercing Extra Target is not included because it’s hard to find a mob consisting of more than 8 for that extra increasing effect of damage anyway, it’ll most likely go to a waste unless you Azwan on hard mode all the time (which I doubt a lot of MMs do).

Active Skills (3 points)

  • Yup, just punch all of those points into those 3 skills

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