Feminism and its common misconceptions

Touchy topic for a lot of people, I admit that. I’ll probably be attacked by some way or another even just for spelling out the correct forms. :L

Feminism is just simply seeking equal rights of both men and women, never did it say it has a dislike of men and special treatment of women.

It does not mean the dislike of males, which is misandry.

It does not mean the belief of females are better than men (THIS is the part where people believe females deserve better treatment than men), that’s female superiority.

^ This is probably the biggest misinformation that pisses me off the most because the people that do believe in female superiority (E.g. A man does not hold a door for the woman behind him, she complains about not being treated better because of their sexes) keep confusing themselves as feminists and thus making the people who actually DO believe in equal rights, look bad.

With that in mind, people should really get their definitions straightened up before bashing on each other. ~_~


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