The Fate of the Other Side of Maple World

It happened again.

The great and once majestic Kingdom of Talelsia has departed for good, never to be rebuilt after it has fallen twice.

A wandering Exterminator from the present time took her steps onto the barren ruins she once has set upon when she began her adventure to the other side of the Maple World. She kept on a brave face, trying to keep her senses together while taking each step into the Talelsian town that was once filled with joy and elation. The Exterminator looked around in the town, each of the home had smoking rooftops that have been left out in the open for who knows how many years. Very few townspeople of the past survived, crowded together in order to survive. The Exterminator went up to one of them and handed some food to the townspeople, they tried to smile for their gratitude but they could not bring themselves to.

“Do you guys know where Enelie is? What has become of The Queen?” asked the wandering woman.

The townspeople glanced at the Exterminator with a questioning look of their own. One of them muttered, “Oh…Enelie…that name sounds somewhat familiar but I can’t exactly remember anything about her…I’m sorry.”

The wandering Exterminator had a look of surprise, the townspeople looked at her with a clueless personality. The lady gave them a vicarious gaze, and then headed her way towards to the Talelsian castle.

She passed through the broken gates, and went inside the building of fallen pride. The Great Hall’s royal red rug turned into a dusty brown rags, torn in a variety of areas. The gleaming stained glass windows have turned into dull coloured panels with broken patches of glass. The wooden balconies are torn and chipped away. She continued to explore the destruction of the castle.

The Place of Arms had motionless steel armor of the knights that existed back in the day lying all over the floor. All of them were rusty with an empty vacancy inside each metal shafts. The Exterminator had an uneasy feeling about the fate of the army though she acknowledged the possibilities.

In due time, her curiosity carried her way towards to the Throne Room; where The Queen resided in.

The Queen was not found anywhere, let alone the painting of a portrait of her hanging on an angle above her throne collecting a sepia tint with dust. But wait, someone else is in the room? The Exterminator called out, and a pasty dull brown-grey haired figure from across the room turned around and looked at the woman standing at the door way.

It has been so many years since I have seen an Exterminator from our land,” spoke the man. “I apologise, I don’t remember making you a reaper…it’s been too long.

O great Demi-god of Union, what has happened to this side of the Maple World?

I am no longer the demi-god you may have remembered me by years ago,” said Zachrie. “Empress Cygnus not only attacked the other side of the world but she also ravaged this land in order to follow the Black Mage’s orders for gaining access to the Systyl Realm’s relics. The Malice Zealot Assembly were drowning in riches for providing their information to their troops and helped Cygnus attack Jeirante.

So what happened to Stratoem? Were there any significant changes that happened to the world?

Fortunately, we were able to cut off the access to the Celestial land of  Stratoem but…

But what though? Does this have any reason to why the Talelsian Kingdom is the way it is now? I even asked the townspeople about Queen En-

The Queen is no longer…” Interrupted Zachrie with grief.

No longer? What do you mean?

She knew of the events that were happening to the Other Side from the Cygnus Knights. Knowing the further potential dangers to the world that the Black Mage’s Army as well as The Malice Zealot Assembly would cause with the fallen empress if they were to gain access to the Unity Gods relics, she reluctantly requested me to destroy the pedestal that was resting upon the Old Talelsian castle which allows the access to the Celestial Land. She wanted to continue try and protect the world for her fallen friend, even by means of going against her.

Zachrie sighed again, and continued explaining to the curious woman.

So I did. I destroyed the pedestal, cutting off all access to the Stratoem heavens permanently never to return to my original home ever again. I did not want to, but I understood her actions for trying to save the remaining lands of Maple World.

In response to me destroying the link to the heavens, this enraged the evil Cygnus and attacked our side of the world too. After she discovered that it was Queen Enelie who made that order, that wretched Cygnus assassinated the Queen…I would have been able to protect this side of the Maple World, protect the citizens — protect her have I not eliminated the pedestal! I failed my beloved Queen!” exclaimed the man.

Why couldn’t you do anything? You are a demi-god aren’t you…?

My powers were limited because I was a demi-god. The pedestal was actually a relic of me, the Unity Gods granted this special power to me because they wanted me to help bring forth meetings of the Celestials and the beings on this world hence being my purpose! But since I destroyed that relic that only I can do so, I cut off the link to my original home and I lost my powers. I am no longer the demi-god of Union, I am just a growing old man while enduring an eternal life of somber and losing my memories with the townspeople. I can never be with Enelie ever again nor will I ever see this land be saved.

The lady stared at Zachrie, terrified by the outcome of the evil empress’s doings to her home.

This is only a nightmare…right?” questioned the lady in a breakdown of feelings.


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