The Royal Meeting Part 6 (FINALE)

As the demi-god reached towards the tower of the Old Talelsian castle, he descended from the Jeirante land and up into the heavens of Stratoem. Upon his arrival, many of the Stratoemians greeted Zachrie. He tried to keep up a smile upon each greeting but he couldn’t for the longest due to The Malice incident back at the castle.

Eventually, the demi-god entered the Systyl Realm and called upon The Unity Gods through the ancient language of the Stratoem gods.

“O great demi-god Zachrie!” boomed the voice of a goddess. “What brings you here dear friend?”

“Pardon me Goddess Eunomia…a terrible incident has occurred on Maple World’s surface…particularly The Other Side.” Said Zachrie in his humble manner. He explained everything to The Unity Gods and asks for their help.

“Oh it is fine! Of course we will help you dear,” said Rhea with a motherly voice. “I am positive the Queen said it herself, there is just so much pressure on the only two Celestial gods on the Maple World’s surface.”

“Goddess Rhea, I still let it slip it out of my hands and even came up here to ask for your help. This isn’t what a demi-god is supposed to do!” said Zachrie with angst.

“Sheesh dear friend! Always having high expectations of yourself, should calm down a little bit. We don’t mind helping you, honest!” laughed Aquatos.

“I’m not joking around here, God Aquatos! This is a serious situation we’re dealing with here.” said Zachrie with a bit of a stern voice.

“Okay okay, but really. Calm yourself Zachrie, even us Unity Gods can’t patrol everything around these parts.” said Aquatos.

“You have been working hard for so many centuries as the only demi-god existing on the surface. With this, we will lend you the power of the Celestial army. We have created our Symbols,” informed Eunomia, getting back on topic.

“The Symbols? That’s risky Goddess Eunomia!” worried Zachrie.

“This is the only way…you know that we can’t just leave this realm. We have a world to keep balance of.” Stated Ventus.

Zachrie hesitated for a moment to think things through again. Then he looked back up to The Unity statues.

“Thank you Unity Gods…I promise I will continue my task of protecting the Maple World!” assured Zachrie.

“Then it is done. The Symbols should be in their designated temples within the town.

Ventus, god of the sky have created his Celestial Symbol, Aether. His class he monitors are known as the Aerial Celestials.
Rhea, goddess of nature have created her Celestial Symbol, Vallonia. Her class she monitors are known as the Earth Celestials.
Aquatos, god of the oceans have created his Celestial Symbol, Seidus. His class he monitors are known as the Aqua Celestials.
Cyless, goddess of the night have created her Celestial Symbol, Heline. Her class she monitors are Lunar Celestials.
Warizno, god of the day have created his Celestial Symbol, Suntoros. His class she monitors are Solar Celestials.

Lastly, I, Eunomia, goddess of law have created her Celestial Symbol, Lizael. Her class she monitors are the Law Celestials.

May the Celestials of Stratoem join us for power, and fight off the evil that resides in the world!

And so afterwards, Zachrie returned to New Talelsia and informed the Queen. Eventually, the newcoming Celestials were slowly starting to spread all around the world, each fulfilling their duties to fend off The Malice and the Black Wings…hoping they do not form The Dark Alliance.

Artist note: The official names of the Celestials are mentioned here. I changed from wind to aerial just because it sounds better. :)


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