The Royal Meeting Part 5

‘Mercedes’ also stopped her excitement for the moment. (“Oh no! The magic’s time limit is almost up and we’re about to get to an exciting part too!”)

“The Malice Zealot Assembly…one of the worst criminal organizations to have ever existed in the world. They are extremely powerful and menacing, they do not care about what happens to the Maple World as long as they get what they want for their desires. Let it be pride, fame, wealth, and so on…they have brought forth so many wars in the land of Jeirante in order for us to reveal the secret of the gods above this land for so many, many years. Many tragic events and losses have happened just to protect the secret from being revealed to them to prevent evil from becoming an absolute god of the Maple World…Although post-events after the Jeirante Terror War seemed to have put forth an end to them, their presence within their descendents still exists in today’s society…we do not know where they may be lurking among this world though”

“Hold on, if they don’t care about what happens to the Maple World and the villains among the world like the Black Mage wants to leave the land in a raze, what would be the point of their mission?” asked Evan.

(“You fool! Even if they destroy us all, we’ll have our desires fulfilled and that’s all it matters!”) ‘Mercedes’ glared at Evan, Zachrie is really onto her now.

“As long as their desires are fulfilled, that’s all it matters to them unfortunately.” added in Cygnus. “They are rumored to be more powerful than the Black Wings themselves.”

“I have a question,” mentioned Luminous. “Are the Black Wings affiliated with the Malice?”

“As far as Zachrie has told me, they are not. If the Black Wings form an alliance with the Malice, we may very well be in larger danger than we are now in this current situation. For that, I fear for worse to come if they ever discover the secret of the gods…” sighed the Queen with worry.

“Oh, I have a question too! Eheheh…I was wondering where might we gain access to the celestial land? In case if those filthy evil beings were overpowering us and we need to borrow the power of the gods?” asked ‘Mercedes’ while she’s trembling with immense excitement.

“It is located above the Old Talelsia castle tower, though you will need to be bringing the Celestial Jewels in order to even gain access to it…and these jewels are hidden deep within the contin-“

(“The time is up!”)

“You rat!” shouted Zachrie.

“Hahahaha, so you have finally noticed oh demi-god of Talelsia.” laughed ‘Mercedes.’

‘Mercedes’ eyes were glowing in a bright violet-red colour and evil winds are circling around the room. A slender figure with medium-length marine blue-purple hair ascended from Mercedes’ unconscious graceful body onto the floor and floated high up in the air of The Great Hall. Her wolven eyes glared with a violet-red, making everyone astonished in the room to move.

“Clystra! I should have known that it was you who was behind all of this scheming!” exclaimed Zachrie in anger.

“Oh boo hoo hoo. So what if it was me?” teased Clystra. “This is going to be ringing in so much cash from the boss AND the Black Wings.”

“What did you do to Mercedes?! Answer me!” shouted Zachrie.

“Are you talking to me? Oh don’t worry, I only borrowed her body for a bit to y’know, listen out on your little so-precious secret about the existence of these all mighty, oh-so-gorgeous gods of the Maple World? My fellow subordinate and I played as simple peasants to produce such a delightful melody to ‘welcome’ the Elven Queen, ’cause elves like, totally have the best hearing ability beyond a normal human.” explained Clystra in a sassy tone.

Zachrie floated up into the air and swung his scythe at Clystra.

“Nah-uh-uh! Careful now, you don’t want to like, y’know? Exit your pretty little barrier without chanting to undo it or otherwise your powers will be restrained for a several years again!” mocked the sorceress.

Zachrie quickly did his chant to undo the spell but by the time he has done that, Clystra has already opened a portal to another dimension.

“You’re soooo slow! Even my pathetic subordinate can outdo you. Then again, demi-gods like you who are all so powerful do have their limits. Well, can’t stay here for long! The boss is growing like, impatient and we will find those jewels. Ciao, thanks for the secret boys and girls! “

Clystra went through the portal and it closes while Zachrie failed to catch her. The demi-god then descended back down onto the vacant floor, shamed in his failure to eliminate the mischievous wolf.

“I apologize for my failure my Queen…’tis is the biggest humiliation of a demi-god, where I am not supposed to slip such a ridiculous action by. I am so sorry,” said Zachrie with agony.

“It’s not your fault,” assured Aran.

“Since we were encased in ice for so long, our powers aren’t to the fullest to help no thanks to the Black Mage,” commented Luminous.

“Zachrie.” called out the Queen. “Shall we summon them?”

He paused for a moment thinking about the Queen’s sudden action.

“Your Majesty, this seems like a bad idea.” Said the demi-god with anxiety.

“We may not have a choice though my friend,” said Phantom. “After all, we do know that The Malice works pretty quick to their toes towards reaching to their destination points.”

“Gah, it is the biggest regret of mine demi-god life to not have stopped the possessed Mercedes!” anguished Zachrie.

“Zachrie, do not worry so much for you can only do so much alone on this side of the Maple World,” consulted by Queen Enelie. “You and goddess Rhinne are the only Celestial gods that dwell upon these lands and it is so much to do. All we ask now is the aid of the Celestials from Stratoem to prevent these beings towards reaching them.”

Zachrie looked at the Queen’s royal image and eventually, agreed with her.

Go to Part 6 (FINALE)


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