The Royal Meeting Part 4

The Queen took a large breath and begun.

“For who knows how long the Maple World has been existing, there were gods that roamed around the Stratoem skies. Goddess of Time, Rhinne was not the only god around in the heavens of the Maple World but there were also plenty of others such as the god of fire, Vulcan.”

(“Wow, so the rumors are indeed true! Rhinne is not the only god out there in the Maple World after all! Oooh this is getting so exciting!”) ‘Mercedes’ started to tremble again with excitement this time. Zachrie looked at her again.

“There are six special gods that resided in the Systyl Realm, an area hidden deep within Stratoem only accessible to gods, demi-gods, celestial beings, or anyone who’s been granted permission to enter by a god. They are known to be The Unity Gods, the ones that formed our world to what it is today and continues to keep their natural balances.”

(“Amazing, amazing! Keep going, I want to know more!”) ‘Mercedes’ eyes were starting to glow in the colour of the Wolf Enchantress’s, a suspicious violet.

“The gods are known to be:
Ventus, god of the sky who patrols the aerial surroundings and the winds of our planet.
Rhea, goddess of nature who has brought forth life onto our planet and maintains the necessities of nature.
Aquatos, god of the oceans who has brought the Maple World aquatic life for our survival.
Cyless, goddess of the night, counterpart of Warizno, who brings forth the moon.
Warizno, god of the day, counterpart of Cyless, who in turn brings forth the sun.
And lastly, Eunomia, goddess of the law who wrote the scientific rules for the world to be following based on fundamental physics, space, and time.”

Queen Enelie’s golden eyes reflected on everyone’s faces in the room while she was taking another breath.

“Each of The Unity Gods left behind a relic of their own, to prove the fact that they are higher in ranking as gods and that they exist. Furthermore, these relics also help control their supreme amount of power flowing into our world since it is unstable if not kept well together.”

(“Keep going girl heehee!”) Her eyes were really starting to glow in a violet colour, she seemed to have forgotten that the body mind control was starting to fade away in its magic. Zachrie was now giving into his suspicion.

“The Celestials of Stratoem help protect the Systyl Realm where the ancient relics of the gods are being held. If all of the relics fall into the wrong hands, the Evil Ones such as The Malice Zealot Assemblies may very well become an Evil God himself or herself based on their leaders…and the world will lose natural balances within its lands.”

Evan seemed very observant after the tale of the gods was told by the Queen, Mir poked at his nervousness to solve his curiosity. “Your Majesty? Since this is my first time attending the Royal Meeting, may I know what is so dangerous about the Malice Zealot Assembly? Are they worse than the Black Wings?”

The Queen hesitated for a minute.

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