MapleStory Tempest Marksman Skillbuild

Hi everyone! I apologise that this mini guide is a day late after Tempest came out in GMS, been busy with drawings and what not.

Not a lot has changed for what to max out for MMs except the skill levels and a buttload of extra SP. So I’ll be outlining the skills that must be maxed out. Again, I’m not going to explain when to max out a certain skill because I’m not a newly made crossbowman.


First Job

Maxed Critical Shot and Archer Mastery

Level 14 Arrow Blow or Double Shot

I’d personally max out DS if I was a starting archer just for the maximum boost of power for a 1vs1 move and that you would already have IA as your replacement mobbing move in 2nd job. Either way though, a little % loss from being a maxed attacking move during this stage shouldn’t be a loss later on.


Second Job

Maxed Crossbow Mastery, Crossbow Booster, Soul Arrow, Iron Arrow, Final Attack, Physical Training, Double Jump

Level 14 Eagle

Eagle is left at level 14 simply because Frostprey is better + replaces it during 3rd job. Plus, Frostprey requires a min level of 10 for Eagle so obviously you would have to have your points put into that (otherwise, you can’t use Spirit Link: Frostprey).

You can choose to max out Eagle and not IA but IMO, that’s kinda pointless to do; even though I don’t use IA a lot, I still use it far more than Eagle.


3rd Job

Maxed Strafe, Arrow Eruption, Evasion Boost, Dragon’s Breath, Puppet, Concentration, Frostprey

Level 19 Blizzard (Snapfreeze Shot)

Level 5 Mortal Blow

And up to this date, Mortal Blow still no longer has a significant usage when it comes to killing mobs. The reason? It doesn’t work on bosses, I doubt most people these days actually train on regular mobs (120+) and even if you do, it probably wouldn’t be that beneficial since it works on a single monster as well as you’d be one-hitting them on the long term with US (unfunded or not, doesn’t matter). With that, leave mortal blow at 5.

For some apparent reason, Blizzard isn’t maxed out in Tempest compared to pre-Tempest. You could swap out a point from DB to max out Blizzard but that’s honestly up to your playing tastes.


4th Job

Maxed Sharp Eyes, Marksman Boost, Piercing Arrow, Ultimate Strafe, Sniping, Spirit Link: Frostprey, Elite Puppet, Illusion Step + Maple Warrior

Due to the reason that 4th job has been shifted down to a level 100 requirement, that means we have 59 extra SP in the end if you maxed out all of the skills in the above (once you reach to level 180). You can choose to max out your other remaining skills if you want but personally, I left it as it is.

And no, according to a variety of sources the extra SP isn’t for Hyper Skills since they have their own set of SP to be using.

That’s all for the Tempest MM skills, I’ll add in the Hyper skill build up once it comes around the corner.


3 thoughts on “MapleStory Tempest Marksman Skillbuild

  1. wow. Thanks for this guide. Came across your site from googling post-tempest skill build for MM, since I’m new to it. Thanks a lot :D

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