The Exterminator Class Rises: Part 7

A young boy has descended from the sky into the town of Talelsia, after hearing the melodic chant of the remaining tribesmen villagers. The reapers and village survivors took suspicion upon the mysterious boy but he really meant no harm. The young boy had mysterious power…was Jeirante really related to the heavens of the Maple World? No one knew for sure, the boy didn’t speak but casted mysterious magic across the razed town of Talelsia; letting grass and plant life grow over Talelsia.

The reapers and survivors were shocked by what he has done to their homeland.

“W-w-ho are you?” questioned the reaper whom raged at Marxaris.

“I am Zachrie…I have been watching over this land and witnessed the tragedies on this side of the Maple World. I casted the spell of inception across the continent.

Let the newer generations of Talelsia relive your lives…May the growth of the grass be your regeneration…please rest in peace and watch over your descendants. The Malice may return someday…. You may not be properly prepared to defend yourselves like last time.

With this, we shall form the Exterminators; we will eliminate any evil that threatens our world. The reapers will be using their scythes to hack away the evil…but even being alone for that purpose will not be enough.

We will bring back the tradition of the Legendary Tribesmen whom were sought to be initiated by Marxaris, these soldiers will continue to swing away enemies with their boomerangs.

The prison guards of the Talelsia castle prison will be the executioners of darkness by delivering powerful blows against enemies with their flails.

I believe that this will be most beneficial for your homeland…”

“May I ask you one favour on behalf of my people?” asked another reaper, presumably the dead King. “I would like to keep this side of the Maple World hidden away for a few hundred years while we rebuild ourselves…if this is possible.”

“Of course, this should be no problem. May I know the reason why might you want this path?”

“As far as I am concerned and before my death, Empress Aria and my other contacts have notified me about the Black Mage’s evildoings on their side of the world,” said the reaper. “I do not think it will be wise for us to remain visible on this world while we are recovering…I hope this is also not too much to ask but, will you look after us and for our future generations?”

“As you wish, my King…I am at your service. However, for me to grant your wish I have to be sending all of your souls to the proper afterlife in order to bring forth your descendants.”

“One last question,” stated the reaper. “Are you what I think you are?”

“Indeed I am…rest in peace Old Talelsia…”

The boy has sent the reaper souls to the afterlife and started watching over this land on the ground. He then sealed this half of the world into disappearance for a few hundred years before its return. Ever since then, Zachrie has been watching us on the ground.

See the Exterminator class artwork here!


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