The Exterminator Class Rises: Part 6

The reapers in the destructed town of Talelsia were hopelessly floating around in somber, over their losses for months, and months…until that one day.

Meanwhile, the Village of the Legendary Tribesmen contained a few remaining survivors that went into hiding during the war under fear of the Malice roaming around their land. Since the village was destroyed and taken over by the MZA, they stopped receiving supplies and basic survival needs.

Curiosity arose when the hiding survivors underground did not hear a single peep from the surface. A man says that they should investigate the causes of this silence but the paranoia of the remaining villagers persisted from doing so. The man decided to step out of his home, his sheltered life. The survivors waited, waited, and waited. They were wondering why he has been gone out for so long. Since the paranoia of some survivors were so severe, that they concluded that the man was killed right when he opened the door to the outside world.

The man returned and proved that they were wrong.

He has brought news that he checked all around the village and discovered that the Malice was not lurking around. He brings up the suggestion to investigate the Kingdom of Talelsia once again and the villagers finally agreed.

They have discovered the remains of the continent’s capital, and were saddened by the loss of the townspeople and their King. A grim reaper went up to the one of the survivors.

“We failed to protect this land…with deepest regrets.”

The survivors looked at the reapers with a sympathetic look.

To let the townspeople rest peacefully in their afterlives and to thank them for their long-time service to the Village of the Legendary Tribesmen, they have decided to chant which is said to sooth spirits of everlasting agony.

Until all of a sudden…

Continue to Part 7


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