MapleStory Fan fiction Class Revamp!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates from me, Maple’s been distracting me too much with their events. >_<

As promised from before, I did a revamp of my fan fiction of my fan made MapleStory class. New updates included more plot content, more explanations behind the scenes, and wiped out as many cliches as possible. I completely changed the roles of Patrict and Lady Ophelia and had the King of Jeirante whom ruled during this era have himself involved. The Dark Renegades name (which was the old name of the bad guys involved in Jeirante) was fixed to the Malice Zealot Assembly, it also includes who founded the organization, and made them completely unrelated to the Black Mage in terms of working for him and such.

So in other words, it’s pretty much re-written while containing SOME of the original content.

To start on the first page, go here which is the original link of the old fan fiction. The story is extended by 2 extra blogs as well as tiny bit more reading per section.

I hope this is an improvement! I will definitely get back to The Royal Meeting story as well. :)


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