The Royal Meeting Part 3

The Royal Meeting Part 3

“Greetings Royalty of the Maple World and the honorable but trustable guests!” greeted Queen Enelie. “We are here to talk about important matter that information should not be released to anyone else besides us! Shall we begin? Zachrie, please make sure the this room is completely muted to the outdoors.”

“Yes, my lady.” obeyed Zachrie.

Everyone has sat down with Queen Enelie in front of them.

“Now…as we all know, these meetings are only hosted once every twenty years to ensure the safety of the secret that lies within this land.”

(“Sweet, she’s about to say the secret!”)

“My Queen, what is this secret?” asked Evan.

“My child and your friend Mir, this is a good question that I will address properly in a moment,” answered the Queen. “But first, I would like to explain the rules of this…”

‘Mercedes’ sat very still and was very anxious to listen to the tale of what the Queen had to say.

“No one in this room must distribute this private information to anyone out in the Maple World,” said the Queen. “If you do happen to have spread this information, you may very well be banned all together from the alliance’s continents out into the exiled wastelands of Valador.”

‘Mercedes’ nodded to show her understanding nervously.

“If you trust a fellow subject related to you in royal manner, you must have my approval that they will not spread this information and they should also go through a test of trust as well.”

‘Mercedes’ stared at the Queen to show that she was paying attention. This was catching the attention of Zachrie but he looked away to keep patrolling the surroundings of The Great Hall.

“If you want to be discussing this private matter to another member of the Royal Meeting, you must be talking about this matter in the Talelsian castle with Zachrie setting up the mystical sound proof barrior around you and your subject.”

‘Mercedes’ made a slight gulp while having a sweat drop run down her face. Zachrie made a quick glance at her once again.

“Everything must be confidential…otherwise, if evil groups such as the Black Wings discover this they are bound to abuse this information.”

(“Come on, out with the secret!”) thought ‘Mercedes’ impatiently, crossing her hands with a tight grip. Now it was Zachrie’s turn to stare at her with a mix of suspicion and curiousity.

“Pardon me for the interruption Your Majesty, but is Mercedes alright?” questioned Zachrie.

Queen Enelie stopped and looked at Mercedes across the table.

(“Shoot! Did he catch me?”) worried ‘Mercedes.’

“Yeah, I can’t help myself but look at you. You’ve been trembling for quite some time now my dear.” commented Phantom, with his deep purple eyes directing towards at ‘Mercedes.’

“U-uhm well, you see…” added ‘Mercedes’ (“Crap, I gotta think up of an excuse fast! This mind controlling magic is seriously wearing me out, so much for perfection.”). She took a deep breath. “It has been so long since I have been to t-t-the Royal Meeting of Talelsia that I am fearing that I may have a short term memory loss!” answered Mercedes with a fake worry in her tone.

“She may be very well be feeling a bit worn out from the events that she has been going through lately with. The Elven Queen herself has already went through the stress of saving a child from Orca of the Black Wings,” added in Athena Pierce with an understanding of her ‘condition.’ “After all, it has been over a hundred years since most of the heroes have been freed from their encasement of the Black Mage’s curse on them. Do not be alarmed with her quivering, it would be normal for anyone in her position to feel this way.”

“Ah, it is a fair game. I am too feeling a bit of stress ever since Hilla has tried to take my place as the empress during the conference, even though Phantom has saved me during that time.” commented Cygnus, everyone in The Great Hall was nodding in agreement with her ‘unstable’ condition.

“T-thank you my dear Royalty for understanding!” appreciated ‘Mercedes.’ “I apologise for myself interrupting your Majesty.”

“It is fine Mercedes. Please do not force yourself to attend the meeting if you are not feeling well. Your health must be in first place before you are doing anything else.” said the Queen with a sympathetic tone.

“Thank you Queen Enelie, I think I shall be fine for n-now! D-d-do continue with your speech.” stumbled ‘Mercedes.’

“Very well then. As I have left off from the rules of this confidential information, I shall inform those who may need to review of the Talelsia secret.”

(“Yes! I have been waiting for this moment, had this stupid unstable magic get in the way I would have saved myself time.”)

“Little does the Maple World know…” started off from Queen Enelie.

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      1. haha, its ok :) anyway thx again

        p/s ; acttly im lazy to play maplestory, juz interested in maplestory storyline :D

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