Pokemon Black and White 2 Memory Link – The Hero’s Departure

This is fan fiction written by me, this is NOT an actual memory link within the BW2 games. I wanted to write up what happened in the events of Pokemon Black and White after beating the game and prior to the events of Pokemon Black and White 2. This is just for fun!

With that in mind…


Pre-requisite: To achieve this memory link scene, the player in BW must have completed the game (defeating N and Ghetsis), found all seven sages, and received the Adamant, Lustrious, and Griseous orbs from the Shadow Triad.


  • For the trainer name in this fan fiction, I am going to leave it as ” ___” as they would use the linked trainer name from BW in BW2. With that, fill in the blank with your BW trainer name. E.g. Hilda.
  • For the mentioned legendaries, I will be using Reshiram/Zekrom depending on which version you have chosen.

Scene 1

*sepia tone scene, Emotion OST plays, enter the BW player walking around in their bedroom in their home packing up some stuff*

___: It’s been awhile since I’ve been home for once ever since I started out my journey with Bianca and Cheren as Pokemon Trainers.

___: I know this is such a short visit after all what happened at the Pokemon League but I’ve got to do this.

*player continues walking around packing things from their room*

___: Sheesh, all of this packing is taking a long time but I need to be prepared to this long trip.

___: I wonder what Mom will think, of me leaving on a journey to find him…

*Player’s mom appears at the stairs of the player’s room*

Mom: ___, I’ve heard a lot of noises from your room from downstairs. Is everything alright dear?

*mom turns to the player’s direction, exclamation appears above her*

Mom: ___…what’s going on?

*exclamation mark appears above the player, they turn to mom’s direction*

___: Oh mom…I’m sorry, I should’ve told you about this earlier.

Mom: It’s okay honey but may I know why you’re packing up your bags?

___: It’s for a long trip.

___: I’m going to travel to the other Pokemon regions which are all far away from Unova…to find a certain friend of mine.

Mom: I see…What’s your friend’s name?

___: His name is N.

Mom: Is there any reason why your friend left Unova dear?

___: There’s a long story behind it but let’s just say he’s been feeling guilty about his actions during my journey. It’s a bit complicated to explain but all he wanted to do is follow his ideals and do what’s best for people and Pokemon.

___: He’s a very good friend and he cares about Pokemon a whole lot too. He can even speak to them!

Mom: Oh, I see. This N person does sound like a nice friend! I’m sure one day he’ll be able to redeem himself in one way or another.

___: Yeah.

___: But I have no idea which region to even start off from.

___: Who knows how long it will even take me to find N? It may take a couple of years but I don’t want to stop until I find him. That’s why I thought I’d let you know about this before I head off.

Mom: I understand.

Mom: You have all of my support honey, and your Pokemon are there to protect you.

Mom: Whatever you do though, please be careful!

___: Don’t worry mom, everything will be OK.

**Scene 1 ends**

Scene 2

*sepia tone scene, Emotion OST plays, enter the BW player walking towards the north of Nuevema Town*

___: This was the first step to our first Pokemon journey together.

___: Cheren, Bianca…I’ll miss you guys. We spent so much time together as kids, we ran into each other on our journeys, and now, I’m just simply leaving this place without them.

___: Someday we’ll hang out agai–

Cheren: ____! Wait up!

*exclamation mark appears above the player and turns around to see Bianca and Cheren walking up towards the player*

Bianca: *pant pant* W-w-we finally made it just in time!

Cheren: We’ve heard the news from Professor Juniper and your mom.

Cheren: Are you serious about leaving Unova to find N?

___: Yeah, I just have this instinct that him leaving Unova all of a sudden after Ghetsis was defeated means something more.

___: He’s probably still feeling guilty about after what’s happened and struggling through to redeem himself.

___: I want to know how I can help him.

Cheren: Hm, I see. Well, you’re not alone on this ___.

Bianca: Yeah! Cheren’s right, we’re coming along with you ___! We’ve always done stuff together ever since we were all little.

___: Thanks guys, I really appreciate your help on this but I kind of need to do this on my own.

Bianca: Aw, why not ___?

___: For one thing, I’ve got Reshiram/Zekrom. It’s the closest Pokemon to travel with if it’s going to find its counterpart somewhere in this world. With that, Zekrom/Reshiram must be with N if we do find him.

Cheren: That makes sense.

Cheren: But that doesn’t mean we can’t travel with you though.

___: I know but it’s only convenient for me to do this on my own….sometimes we’ve got to head onto different paths from each other if we want to pursue towards our goals.

Cheren: Hm, fair point.

Bianca: You know, now that you mentioned it we did less time with each other during our journey around Unova. I’m actually spending a lot more time helping Professor Juniper with her research.

Cheren: Bianca’s right. I’ve been rethinking over about what Alder asked about what are my reasons are for becoming a stronger trainer and what I can do with myself from that.

___: Mmhm. Do you two have anything in mind that you really want to be doing?

Bianca: Yup! I want to keep helping Professor Juniper with her research and become her research assistant someday! I may not be a strong trainer like the both of you guys but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to learn more about Pokemon!

Cheren: I want to become stronger than ever — in a sense that I want to be prepared to help trainers realise why it’s important to strengthen the relationship betweuen Pokemon and themselves. In other words, I’d like to become a gym leader someday for that.

___: I’m happy to hear that from the both of you guys. I’m sure that you two will be able to approach to what you want to be. I hope you understood what I meant earlier.

Cheren: Looks like we have our own separate ways now.

Bianca: Just remember though ___ and Cheren — no matter how far we’re apart, we’ll always be the best of friends.

Cheren: You don’t need to say that Bianca, of course ___ and I know that and you clearly do too.

___: Mmhm! It’s time for my departure guys. I’ll probably start off looking for N in the Kanto region first, then Johto, then Hoenn, then Sinnoh, and probably back here again.

Mom: Before you do that though, I need to give you these!

*exclamation marks appear on top of the NPCs, enter mom walking up to the player, handing over clothes*

Mom: Almost forgot to give you these clothes! I know these are a bit big for you to wear for now dear but I know someday you’ll be needing an outfit change while finding your friend. Take care!

*Mom exits south*

Bianca: Wow cool clothes ___!

___: Thanks Bianca, I’m definitely owing my mom for that one.

Cheren: Heh, maybe we’ll be needing an outfit change too sometime later.

Bianca: Hey since we’re  on the northside of Nuvema town, do you guys want to take our second step to Route 1 together before we each head off on our own ways?

___: Sounds like a great idea Bianca! Might as well have the nostalgia before I go.

Cheren: Sure, why not?

Bianca: Okay, together now!

*Bianca, player, and Cheren line up in a row*

Bianca: 1…

Bianca: 2…

Bianca: 3!

*Everyone steps forward*

**Scene 2 ends**

– End of memory link fan fic-


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