The Royal Meeting Part 2

The Royal Meeting Part 2

The night of the Royal Meeting being hosted at Jeirante has finally arrived, hosted once every 20 years to ensure the security and plannings are kept well under a secret within the Maple World. Only very few of not Royalty are selected to attend this meeting as it is extremely strict that this “secret” is not spread word. Those who dare approach to this meeting without given permission from Queen Enelie herself will face dire consequences. Meanwhile, the Malice Zealot Assembly was up to something and they devised a slithering plan to sneak into the meeting.

“Hah, do you really think this will work?”

“Of course Kenton…as long as I am disguised the Queen of the Elves and act just like her, things will go according to plan. It took us years to hone the ability of taking over someone else’s body.”

“Doesn’t this magic only work temporarily though?”

“Yes, it may have its limits but I can bet you that I will be able to sustain control over her body just long enough to hear this ‘secret’ of theirs” grinned Clystra evily. “Besides, all I have to do is play the possessing song in town dressed up as a Talelsian peasent while these brats are on their way to the castle. Once Mercedes listens to this tune, she will be under my control. They won’t suspect anything.”

“Why Mercedes though? She is an extremely powerful archer not to be underestimated as the ruler of the elves.”

“She’s an elf of course! Their hearing abilities are beyond the one of a regular human.”

“Gotcha, that’s a-“

The royal fanfare was played, the Royalty of the Maple World as well as the invited trustable guests were coming through the town.

“Quiet! Get into your position Kenton and act like those towns scum.”


As the Royalty and the guests passes through the town of Talelsia, each peasant has bowed down as every one of them has passed by them. Eventually, the group has gone up to the Malice couple.

“H-hello Royalty and the honored! I hope you do not mind but I would like to play this lovely tune in honor of your arrival on behalf of the peasants of Talelsia.” spoken Clystra.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing? These people have no time to listen to your silly songs.” grunted the guard.

“But she worked so hard to write this tune, it’s not everyday that all of the royals and honored guests come here you know?” begged Kenton.

“No means no you two, now get out of the way before I call the other guards to throw you into the dungeon for the night!” yelled the guard with increasing anger.

“Always so short tempered Xeiver? Come on, let them play their music for us! I am extremely honored with their intentions, it makes me feel so warm and welcome here.” said Mercedes.

Xeiver sighed, “Fine, play your silly music but hurry it up. The Queen has other matter to do.”

“R-right away sir!” said Clystra nervously.

Clystra pulled out her violin and Kenton pulled out his harp. The two performed a mystical duet that all of the royals and the honored has listened to, the song was then penetrating into Mercedes’s ears and stunned her.

(“Oh no, did it not work Kenton?” asked Clystra telepathically.)

(“I have no idea, she’s supposed to be in total control under you now.” stated Kenton.)

(“Well it’s not like we have a Plan B under this, darn it! After all of this time and effort, a flaw randomly comes up and messes our golden opportunity.” complained Clystra)

Suddenly, a breezy and light force has swayed upon Clystra’s mind.

(“Wait, I think I got her! Let’s see…”)

Mercedes opened her eyes and looked around.

(“Yes, I definitely got her now! It worked!!”)

“Hey Mercedes, you alright?” asked Aran.

“Why yes my friend, I am fine. I am just shocked at this wonderful melody that these two have played. Thank you!” complimented ‘Mercedes’

And so, the royals and the honored has continued their way to the castle path and into the throne room of Queen Enelie…The body of the wolf girl was sitting there like a doll after she was done playing the song. Kenton quickly dragged her to a secluded area where he will be communicating with Clystra.

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